52 Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults

Shrimp Salad Circus

Halloween is nearly here which means it is time to start planning your amazing Halloween costume! To help inspire you on what to wear this Halloween, here are 52 costume ideas perfect for adults, including movie characters, food, artists and characters from your current favorite games like Pokémon Go or show such as Stranger Things.

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    cat ears
    Lovely Indeed

    A black cat is a popular Halloween costume choice every year. You can put together this easy costume for free–all you need is a black shirt, some black eyeliner and these adorable DIY cat ears, which are a cinch to make!

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    DIY Pokemon Go Trainer Costume
    DIY Pokemon Go Trainer Costumee. Ginny Di

    Without question, DIY Pokémon Go Trainer costumes will be one of the trendiest costumes for Halloween this year. Learn how to make your own Pokemon Go inspired costume and showcase your love of exploring the city catching Pokemon.

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    DIY Mike Or Eleven From Stranger Things Costumes
    DIY Mike Or Eleven From Stranger Things Costumes. Shrimp Salad Circus

    Are you hooked on Netflix's amazing new show Stranger Things? While you wait for season 2 to be released keep busy working on making a Mike or Eleven costume that would be perfect for Halloween this year.

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    DIY Harley Quinn Costume
    DIY Harley Quinn Costume. Love Maegan

    Loved the film Suicide Squad? Then get started on DIYing your Harley Quinn costume for Halloween this year, complete with her signature red and blue pigtails.

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    DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume
    DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume. Studio DIY

    Go old school this Halloween with a DIY rainbow unicorn costume inspired by the popular Lisa Frank stickers that were everywhere in the 90s.

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    DIY Frozen's Elsa Costume
    DIY Frozen's Elsa Costume. Love Maegan

    Transform yourself into Disney's snow queen, Elsa from the movie Frozen with this spectacular costume that is perfect for Halloween and is sure to make children smile when they get to see one of their favorite movie characters trick-or-treating.

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    DIY Taylor Swift Costume
    DIY Taylor Swift Costume. Say Yes

    Need a last-minute Halloween costume idea? Dress up as the Shake It Off award-winning pop singer, Taylor Swift with this easy to replicate costume.

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    DIY Snow White Costume
    DIY Snow White Costume. Color Me Courtney

    Transform yourself into a Disney princess for a night with this outstanding Snow White costume DIY that uses regular clothing items that you might already have in your closet to recreate the famous princess's outfit.

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    DIY Lace Bunny Ears For Halloween
    DIY Lace Bunny Ears For Halloween. Gina Michele

    For a quick costume make your own stylish lace bunny ears which you can wear with an all black outfit for an easy Halloween costume.

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    DIY Steampunk Costume
    DIY Steampunk Costume. Trinkets in Bloom

    Stun your friends this Halloween with your own outstanding steam-punk costume inspired by your favorite science fiction books.

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    DIY Swan Costume
    DIY Swan Costume. A Beautiful Mess

    Recreate Björk's iconic white swan dress that she wore to the 73rd Academy Awards with this creative costume tutorial.

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    DIY Poké Ball Costume
    DIY Poké Ball Costume. Sydnee Kate

    Gotta catch 'em all? For all you Pokémon fans dress up as a Poké Ball this Halloween with this outstanding costume idea that is sure to be a hit at the costume party you go to this Halloween.

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    DIY Lumberjack Costume
    DIY Lumberjack Costume. DIY Fish And Bull

    Break out your cozy red and black plaid shirt and turn yourself into a lumberjack for Halloween this year with this quick to DIY costume.

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    DIY Cactus Costume
    DIY Cactus Costume. Shrimp Salad Circus

    Impress your friends with this outstanding DIY cactus costume that has neon lights built in so you can glow all Halloween night.

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    DIY Taxidermy Deer Costume
    DIY Taxidermy Deer Costume. The Merrythought

    Looking to win the prize for the most original costume at the Halloween party you are going to this year? Then this DIY taxidermy deer costume would be perfect as without question will be a new costume idea your friends and family would not have seen before.

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    DIY Ringmaster Costume
    DIY Ringmaster Costume. Tell Love And Party

    Find inspiration for your costume this Halloween from the circus, by wearing a large top hat and red jacket to turn yourself into the person in charge of the show, the circus ringmaster.

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    DIY Soda Jerk Costume
    DIY Soda Jerk Costume. Lovely Indeed

    Go retro this Halloween and dress up like a 1950s soda jerk, and pretend to serve sundaes and ice cream sodas.

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    DIY Sequin Animal Ears
    DIY Sequin Animal Ears. A Bubbly Life

    Planning on dressing up as an animal this year? From a cat, mouse, rabbit, lion or dog learn the basics on how to make fun sequin animal ears to complete your costume this year.

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    DIY Strawberry Costume
    DIY Strawberry Costume. Studio DIY

    For Halloween this year, convert a large red t-shirt into a cute strawberry costume that is simple to make.

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    DIY Dancing Emoji Costume
    DIY Dancing Emoji Costume. The DIY Playbook

    Are you a big fan of the dancing emoji? If so, the black outfit women with blond hair and black bows on their head is an easy costume to DIY and a fun costume to wear, especially if you can have a friend join in the fun and wear a matching costume!

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    DIY Mary Poppins Costume
    DIY Mary Poppins Costume. Say Yes

    Dress up as Mary Poppins this Halloween, the iconic and charming character that everyone will remember watching when growing up by DIYing a costume with a white shirt, umbrella and bowler hat.

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    DIY Crochet Masquerade Mask
    DIY Crochet Masquerade Mask. Persia Lou

    Are you heading to an elegant Halloween costume soirée this year? Then break out your suit or dress and pair it with a sophisticated masquerade mask that you can make with some yarn following this crochet tutorial from Persia Lou.

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    DIY A Gumball Machine Costume
    DIY A Gumball Machine Costume. Revamperate

    Use up some of those extra craft supplies you have around the house by taking your bag of pop poms and a sheet of white cardstock to turn a tank top into a super colorful gumball machine costume which would be perfect to wear to your Halloween party this year. 

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    DIY James Bond Costume
    DIY James Bond Costume. Say Yes

    Become MI6 agent James Bond with this super cool costume idea, and then pour yourself a shaken martini.


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    DIY Pineapple Costume
    DIY Pineapple Costume. Revamperate

    Do you need an easy to make? a costume for the Halloween party you are going to this fall? If so, this DIY pineapple costume has you covered as it is so simple to make, as all you need to do is draw on a yellow dress or long tank top with a brown marker and make a quick leafy headband.

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    DIY Cookie Monster Costume
    DIY Cookie Monster Costume. Persia Lou

    Sing "C is for Cookie" while dressed up as Cookie Monster from the popular children's show Sesame Street with this DIY costume and matching DIY cookie bag.

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    DIY Pantone Costume
    DIY Pantone Costume. Sugar And Cloth

    Showcase your favorite Pantone color with this original DIY Halloween costume idea.

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    DIY Deviled Egg Costume
    DIY Deviled Egg Costume. C.R.A.F.T

    If you happen to be pregnant this Halloween, show off you baby bump with this fun deviled egg costume where your growing stomach is the yolk in the egg. 

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    DIY Tinker Bell Costume
    DIY Tinker Bell Costume. Love Maegan

    Become Tinker Bell from Disney's Peter Pan with this costume idea that includes a DIY outfit along with hairstyle inspiration.

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    DIY Cat Emoji Costume
    DIY Cat Emoji Costume. Brite And Bubbly

    If you always leave your Halloween costume to the last minute, this quick to DIY cat emoji costume is perfect for you as it only takes a few minutes to assemble.

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    DIY Lace Devil Horns
    DIY Lace Devil Horns. Gina Michele

    Skip the standard devil horns which you can find at costume stores and make your own sexier version using a small piece of red lace and pipe cleaners.

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    DIY Spaceman Costume
    DIY Spaceman Costume. Tell Love And Party

    Break out the silver spray paint and assemble yourself a space age Halloween costume that is out of this world.

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    DIY Burger Costume
    DIY Burger Costume. Studio DIY

    Dress up as one of your favorite meals, a classic burger with this clever costume idea that you can make out of a t-shirt and some sheets of felt.

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    DIY Sam From Moonrise Kingdom Costume
    DIY Sam From Moonrise Kingdom Costume. Say Yes

    Dig through your boxes of stuff from your childhood, for all your old boy scout gear and badges and repurpose them to make your own Sam costume from the film Moonrise Kingdom.

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    DIY Minnie Mouse Costume
    DIY Minnie Mouse Costume. Color Me Courtney

    Dig through your closet and find your old mouse ears from your last visit to Disney Land and turn yourself into the adorable ​Minnie Mouse by wearing a polka dot dress and some red lipstick.

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    DIY Fro-Yo Costume
    DIY Fro-Yo Costume. Studio DIY

    Surprise everyone this Halloween by dressing up as a huge bowl of frozen yogurt complete with candies with this epic DIY costume idea.

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    DIY Frida Kahlo Costume
    DIY Frida Kahlo Costume. Aunt Peaches

    Love the art by Frida Kahlo? Dress up as the famous painter by using makeup to get her bold eyebrows and DIYing a floral headpiece.

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    DIY Sriracha Costume
    DIY Sriracha Costume. Sarah Hearts

    Do you love the hot and spicy taste of sriracha? If iso this costume idea is for you, with the help of a red t-shirt and green hat turn yourself into a bottle of delicious hot sauce.

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    DIY Spider Crown
    DIY Spider Crown. Delia Creates

    Dress all in black this Halloween and crown yourself the spider queen or king with a handmade crown made out of plastic spiders.

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    DIY Instagram Costume
    DIY Instagram Costume. Inkhappi

    For all you Instagram lovers this do it yourself costume is for you. Turn yourself into an Instagram photo complete with fun description and hashtags by creating your own cardboard frame that you can hold. 

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    DIY Bob Ross Costume
    DIY Bob Ross Costume. C.R.A.F.T

    This Halloween disguises yourself as Bob Ross a famous painter from his television show The Joy of Painting where he painted landscape

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    DIY Tooth And Tooth Fairy Couples Costume
    DIY Tooth And Tooth Fairy Couples Costume. Julie Ann Art

    If you are looking for a unique couple costume this DIY tooth and tooth fairy costume might be exactly what you are looking for. Make your own tooth costume out of pillows, and dress up as a tooth fairy by dressing all in white, and wearing a set of fairy wings. 

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    DIY Shower Pouf Costume
    DIY Shower Pouf Costume. Crafts By Amanda

     Bring a smile to those you meet this Halloween with a silly shower pouf costume that you can make with nylon matte netting, several pieces of elastic and a rope.

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    DIY Storm Cloud Costume

    DIY Storm Cloud Costume
    DIY Storm Cloud Costume. Bumblebreenlog

    Looking for a unique costume, try this storm cloud costume that is made out of a tulle skirt for rain and a decorated cardboard cloud.

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    DIY Fred and Wilma From The Flintstones Costume
    DIY Fred and Wilma From The Flintstones Costume. C.R.A.F.T

    For a fun couples costume why not go as the stone-age couple Fred and Wilma Flintstones from the cartoon the Flintstones?

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    DIY Flapper Costume
    DIY Flapper Costume. Polka Dot Chair

    Loved the film or novel Great Gatsby? Then? you are certain to like this 1920s flapper costume that you can pull off by wearing a fringe dress, a feather headband and a string of pearls. 

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    DIY Burglar Costume
    DIY Burglar Costume. Julie Ann Art

    Stay in the shadows as you try to steal some of the candies from the candy bowl this Halloween while in your DIY burglar costume.

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    DIY Witch Costume
    DIY Witch Costume. Polka Dot Chair

    This Halloween become a wicked witch by wearing all black and making your own fashionable witch hat fascinator to complete your costume.

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    DIY Pumpkin Costume
    DIY Pumpkin Costume. Delia Creates

    Become a festive Halloween pumpkin by wearing orange and making your own pumpkin hat using cardboard and felt. 

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    DIY Cat and Mouse Costumes
    DIY Cat and Mouse Costumes. A Beautiful Mess

    Become a cat or mouse with this handy tutorial from A Beautiful Mess? that teaches you how to make animal ear headbands. 

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    DIY Birthday Cake Costume
    DIY Birthday Cake Costume. Studio DIY

    Turn heads with this eye-catching birthday cake slice costume that will leave everyone who sees you dazzled by sugary sweet costume and feeling slightly hungry. 

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    DIY Sunflower Costume
    DIY Sunflower Costume. Delia Creates

    Become a beautiful sunflower for Halloween by making your own sunflower headband and dressing in either yellow, brown or green.