6 Easy Home Renos You Don't Need Tools For

Home with pictures hung up and painted cabinets

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The sheer fun and excitement of teaching yourself a new home reno skill—and the satisfaction that comes with completing a project—can't be beaten. But sometimes home renovations are daunting and the idea of Youtubing videos on how to knock down a wall or cut your own beadboard feels like a chore rather than an invigorating opportunity. In other instances, you just might not have the time, money, or energy but are still itching for a design change. Luckily, it's completely possible to create a sense of newness in your home sans the stress of properly getting your hands dirty in a full-size reno.

While these may require a few basic items for getting the job done, you won't need to whip out a saw or cordless drill for any of them, much less learn how to use a new tool if you don't have the time. Read on for six different expert-picked projects that need very few tools—if any.

Square Away Those Curtains and Drapes

Linda Haase, an NCIDQ-certified senior interior designer, says that there are plenty of home renovations you can complete without tools or completely draining your budget. A good portion of these ideas come from places that you might've overlooked. One such example? Curtains.

"Curtain rods are simple and inexpensive to install, so they're great projects for DIYers who might be new to the world of home improvement," says Haase. "Curtains can be as simple as a single panel or as elaborate as you like—and they'll help keep the sun out in the summer and heat in during winter months!" Some options are even adhesive, so no drilling is necessary. Once these are hung up, the atmosphere and style of a room can change instantly.

Close up of gallery wall

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Hang Pictures or a Gallery Wall

Bare walls are another solid place to find inspiration for home reno projects. Perhaps it's time to finally get that gallery wall laid out. Don't worry about finding the hammer and nails either, adhesive hooks make installing artwork a piece of cake, according to Haase. She also says they're ideal for creating new storage spaces for other items around your home. "Command hooks are perfect for hanging things like pictures, keys, jewelry, and other knickknacks that need to be displayed around the house but don't have designated places on walls or shelves already set up for them by default (such as where you put your keys every night when you come home from work)."

Apply Peel-and-Stick Tile

Feeling inspired by Mediterranean-style tiles or enamored by a classic subway tile look? You're not alone. Tile is a gorgeous way to elevate a kitchen, bathroom, or sink area. Even if you adore the end result, you may not want to tackle the grout and leveling process that comes with it. All hope's not lost though. Experienced interior designer Bridgette Pridgen says to fall back on adhesive tile. "Try peel and stick flooring tile or tile backsplash to add flavor, personality, and color to any space with ease," she explains. "Peel the backing off and apply just like a sticker."

Get Painting

This may be a project you've already thought of, but painting extends far beyond the walls of a living room or bedroom. Pridgen says painting is one of the best home renos that requires very few tools, save for a paintbrush or roller, and can instantly transform a room, even if it's through lacquering smaller details. "Spray paint your cabinet pulls, interior doorknobs, and hardware for an immediate update, she suggests, adding that a matte black shade is a great choice for getting "a clean timeless look."

Another suggestion from Pridgen is giving your entry area an upgrade. "Paint the front door and trim to give your entry a nice punch of personality, set the tone for your home, and set your home apart from your neighbors," she says. "Try a monochromatic color palette or a bright accent color to liven the mood!"

Painting the cabinets or the island in your kitchen is another opportunity for upgrading a room that doesn't require tackling big walls or ceilings.

Silver pulls on cabinets

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Update Your Exterior Details

Similar to your interior pulls and knobs and despite their small size, the hardware outside your home can help jazz up your living quarters as well. "Spray paint the outdoor hardware of doors or house numbers or just change them out for a modern fresh look," says Pridgen. "Don’t forget to freshen the mailbox and curb numbers, too!"

If the paint is already out, or you're in the mood to take your mini renovations a step further, why not dress up the porch or patio? Pridgen recommends using stencils to create a faux tile on top of walkways or porch flooring. Even staining a deck can change the overall look of your outdoor area without needing a new installation entirely.

Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

This project may sound complicated, but it's far from it, according to Rick Berres, owner of Honey-Doers. "It’s actually quite an overstatement to say 'installing,' but they make wonderful under-cabinet lighting that can stick to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets," he explains. "You simply peel off the tape, revealing an adhesive, and stick it on the underside of your cabinet." It's a relatively easy project to start and finish one day during the weekend. If you've never had the little luxury of under-cabinet lighting, Berres says it's not worth missing out on: "You’ll never want to go back, and you’ll never turn your overhead lights on again."