Easy DIY Hamster Hammock

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    How to Make a No-Sew Pet Hammock

    DIY Hamster Pet Hammock
    Photo © Lianne McLeod

    Humans aren't the only creatures who love to lounge in a hammock. Hamsters, ferrets, sugar gliders and other critters enjoy snuggling in a soft pouch. Make your own hammock for your pet in just a few simple steps—no sewing required! 

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    DIY Pet Hammock Materials

    Measure Cage for Easy to Make Hammock
    Measure the width and length for your easy homemade hammock, based on your cage dimensions. Photo © Lianne McLeod

    Materials Needed:

    • Fleece fabric
    • Pair of scissors
    • measuring tape

    Fleece with just a bit of stretch will give the best results. See Fabric Selection for Homemade Hammocks for more tips about choosing fabric.

    Measure Your Cage

    Figure out where you want to place your hammock, and measure the width and length for the finished hammock. This hammock will need to fit across the entire width of the cage in order to attach it to the sides of the cage. The length of the hammock is more flexible, but for the best...MORE support, make sure both ends can be tied to a vertical cage bar support.

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    Cut Fabric for Easy Homemade Hammock

    Fabric cut for homemade hammock
    Cut fabric 2 inches wider and longer than desired hammock size. Photo © Lianne McLeod

    Cut a piece of fleece that is about 2 inches longer and 2 inches wider than the desired dimensions of the finished hammock.

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    Cut Slits in Each Corner of Fabric to Make Ties

    Cut diagonal slits in the corners
    Cut diagonal slits in each corner of your fabric. Photo © Lianne McLeod

    Cut slits in each corner of the fabric: cut about 2 inches diagonally in from each corner. This will create small ties in each corner of the hammock.

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    Tie the Corners of Your Homemade Hammock to the Sides of the Cage

    Finished Hammock
    The hammock is simply tied to the sides of the cage. The hammock is ready to go!. Photo © Lianne McLeod

    Tie the fleece piece into position in your cage. This can take a bit of stretching and fiddling, as you'll want to pull the sides of the hammock nice and tight to keep it from sagging. If necessary, you can cut a bit deeper in the corners to make the ties easier to work with.

    Once all the corners are tied, your hammock is ready to go!

    (You might want to make it a little more level than I did for this photo!)

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    Variation of the Easy Homemade Hammock

    Variation of Easy Homemade Hammock
    A variation of the easy homemade hammock made by cutting one side at an angle to make a larger hammock. Photo © Lianne McLeod

    For the variation of the easy homemade hammock shown above, I cut one side of the fabric at an angle to make a bigger hammock. You can take advantage of different spaces in the cage by being creative with your hammock shape.

    For smaller cages or a smaller hammock, you can simply cut a triangle to fit in one corner of the cage, and tie it at the three points.