Cafe Doors You Can Install in 30 Minutes Each

Saloon Doors vs. Modern Cafe Doors
Left: Public Domain; City of Yuma, AZ; Right:

Cafe doors are no longer called "saloon doors." Suburban homes of the 1960s and 70s often had "saloon doors" between kitchen and dining areas. Then, it seemed the sun had set on swinging portals, but cafe doors are back, for a few good reasons: 

  • They visually define space. It's amazing how little material is needed to define a barrier between rooms. Even half-length doors do the trick.
  • They're simple to Install.  Cafe doors are even easier than bi-fold doors.
  • The keep out some pets. Cats won't be deterred by cafe doors; they'll just go right under. But larger dogs who are unable to pass below the doors usually will not like cafe doors with spring-loaded hinges. It all depends on how aggressive your dog is.

When it comes to door styles, while the saloon name may be gone, you'll still find a preponderance of oaky, spindley, beveled doors. But even if Western isn't your style, you'll find plenty of options to fit your decor. 

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    Cafe Doors for Wide Doorways

    Wide Cafe Doors
    &copy Swinging Cafe Doors

    The average doorway is about 32 inches wide. The solid white doors pictured here, from Swinging Cafe Doors, are the very widest that they offer: 54 inches.

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    Reclaimed Cafe Doors

    Reclaimed Wood Cafe Doors
    Cafe Doors Emporium

    Looking for something off-beat? So many homeowners are looking for reclaimed wood (especially reclaimed wood flooring!) that it's natural cafe doors will play a part, too.

    Cafe Doors Emporium is a great source for cafe doors that go beyond the usual. Pictured are quarter-sawn tiger oak doors that "started life as architectural millwork," as the site puts it.

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    Full-Length Cafe Doors

    Full Length Cafe Doors

    If you want cafe doors that cover as much of the doorway as possible, look for full-length doors, like these from Swinging Cafe Doors.

    At 70" tall, with only a few inches clearance at top and bottom, these doors provide maximum privacy and even some sound blocking. These come in natural popular and should be painted or stained.