10 Easy Korean Recipes to Make at Home

kimchi fried rice
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    Easy Korean Recipes

    Making Korean meals can seem intimidating at first because there are so many components from the soups and the stews to the pickled side dishes that need advance preparation. But there are many easy Korean dishes that are simple to make and are delicious as dinner, so don't think each of your Korean meals needs hours of preparation. 

    You don't need ten side dishes to complete your Korean meal like you might in a restaurant, and most people don't regularly dine restaurant-style with a table covered in food. With ​the main dish and a couple of side dishes, you'll still impress any Korean foodie.

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    Kimchi Fried Rice (Kimchi Bokumbap)

    Making kimchi fried rice is a great way to use leftover kimchi that's a bit past its prime, as well as leftover rice. You can make it with Canadian bacon or thinly sliced beef, pork, ham, or even Spam. Or, use tofu for a vegetarian protein.

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    Korean Pan-Fried Fish (Saeng Sun Jun)

    Korean Pan-Fried Fish a simple recipe for your main dish that is very traditional. The best option is a fresh fish with delicate white flesh. Enjoy it with a spicy dipping sauce or just soy sauce.

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    Korean BBQ Chicken Wings (Tong Dak)

    These Korean oven-roasted barbecue chicken wings work well as a drinking snack (anju), appetizer, main dish, or part of a picnic. You won't be able to eat just one.

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    Spicy Kimchi Stew (Kimchi Jjigae, Kimchichigae)

    This popular Korean stew can be whipped up in just 35 minutes. It's another great use for older kimchi as that will lend more rich flavor. There is a lot of room for variation in this dish. You can use beef, pork, or canned tuna, and vegetables including potatoes, zucchini, and mushrooms. It can be a go-to meal to clean out the refrigerator.

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    Dried Pollack Soup (Bugo Gook)

    Dried Pollack Soup is known as a hangover remedy in Korea, or you can use it when you have a cold. You can buy dried pollack at an Asian or Korean market very inexpensively and in 20 minutes you have a pot of soup.

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    Korean Pancake with Scallions (Pa Jun)

    When you want a quick and cheap appetizer or side dish, Korean pancake with scallions is easy and always a big crowd-pleaser. You can serve it with a dipping sauce or soy sauce.

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    Korean Seasoned Spinach (Sigumchi Namul)

    You only need 15 minutes to make this side dish of Korean seasoned spinach. It can also be used as part of other well-known main dishes in Korea such as chapchae (stir-fried noodles), kimbap (rice and seaweed rolls), and bibimbap (rice with mixed vegetables).

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    Korean Bean Sprout Salad (Sookju Namul)

    This is one of the most popular side dishes in Korea and it takes only 10 minutes to make. You can serve bean sprout salad with bibimbap (Korean mixed rice with vegetables and meat) or alongside the popular Daikon radish and carrot salad. 

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    Korean Pickled Cucumber

    This quick cucumber pickle recipe is ready in just 20 minutes. The sweet and salty flavor makes it the perfect side dish.

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    Korean Rolled Egg Omelette (Gaeran Mari)

    You only need 10 minutes to make this beautiful dish. You could enjoy a Korean rolled egg omelette for breakfast, as part of a bento lunch, or for dinner. You can vary the vegetables and even add some ham or other meat.