Easy Meat Gravy Recipes

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    Why Make Your Own Gravy

    Rich Home Made Gravy. Marron Caruso - Getty Images

    Sunday lunch or a roast meat, be it chicken, beef, pork -- it usually demands a good, meat gravy. The gravy is the lovely part which adds flavor and moisture. What else would you use all your mashed potato for if not for soaking up a thick, rich gravy?

    Gravy in  British and Irish food is usually dark and rich, though on poultry you would make it thicker. Unlike a jus, which is a reduction, gravy will nearly always be thickened.

    A gravy recipe is so easy. You know what you are eating when you make...MORE your own as it is the meat juices from your roast and your stock. Many (not all) ready made gravies are high in salt. 

    There really is no reason to buy ready made.

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    Simple Roast Meat Gravy Recipe

    Beef Gravy Recipe
    Photo Elaine Lemm

    Take your pick, whether it is roast beef, pork, lamb, game, poultry the technique is more or less the same. All you need is the juices from your roast, stock and a little red wine or port. Simple.

    A delicious gravy made with the pan juices is the best accompaniment to a Sunday Roast. It is quick and easy to make once the meat is cooked. This recipe can be used for any roast meat such as lamb, beef or pork. You will find turkey and chicken gravies on page 4. The technique is the same.

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    Easy Rich Onion Gravy Recipe

    Elaine Lemm

    Don't even think about serving Bangers and Mash without a pool of thick, rich onion gravy. The lovely marriage between the onion and the rich stock, which when poured over a mound of creamy mashed potatoes and fat juicy sausages is simply food heaven.

    A lovely alternative to a traditional onion gravy, this one gives a little extra bite, great if your sausages have a strong flavor. Use a whole grain mustard for even more texture and flavor. Use English or French if you want...MORE a good kick to your gravy.

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    Poultry Gravy Recipes

    Rich Home Made Gravy. Marron Caruso - Getty Images

    You've roasted your turkey, left it to rest and now it's time to make the turkey gravy. Turkey is the best gravy to serve alongside your roast bird as it is made from the juices of the bird plus a few other simple ingredients.

    If you don't have any poultry stock in your freezer, don't panic; you can use a ready made stock or a good quality stock cube.

    A lovely roast chicken or turkey coated in a warm gravy - delicious.