Easy On Point Baby Quilt Pattern

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    About the Quilt Pattern

    Baby Quilt Patterns
    On-point Baby Quilt. Janet Wickell

    This baby quilt is designed in shades of green. Alter its fabrics in any way you wish to suit another theme.

    • To make the quilt, Double V and Snowball quilt blocks are placed on-point and surrounded by setting triangles.
    • Two borders complete the quilt top.

    Double V is a traditional quilt block that's sometimes called Double R, and was initially published by several quilt-related books and magazines, including Nancy Cabot and the Kansas City Star.

    Both quilt blocks are assembled with quick piecing...MORE techniques.

    Finished block size: 6-1/4" square

    Finished quilt size: about 37-1/2" x 46-1/2"

    Choose Quilting Fabrics

    • For Double V blocks, choose a medium or dark green tone-on-tone print (1 yard) and a small scale print on a light background (1/2 yard)
    • For Snowball blocks, choose a green stripe (1/4 yard) and a green print that works with your other selections (1/4 yard)
    • For setting triangles, choose a larger scale print with a light background (1/2 yard)
    • The inner border repeats the tone-on-tone fabric used in the Double V blocks, and the yardage for crosswise-cut border strips is included above.
    • For the outer border, choose a green print that's somewhat lighter than the inner border, but darker than setting triangles, 1 yard (see note under backing)

    Other Materials

    If you use a thin batting, make backing from a single panel of fabric that's about 1-5/8 yards long; double the yardage for thicker batting or extensive quilting; you'll have leftovers -- plan ahead and use the excess to cut lengthwise grain outer border strips. (

    Batting: about 45" x 54"

    Binding: about 190 running inches of doublefold binding (Binding Strip Instructions)

    Refer to the last page of the pattern for anĀ alternate layout for the quilt

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    Make the Double V Quilt Blocks

    Double V Quilt Block Pattern
    Assemble the Double V Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Cutting Instructions

    43" strips refers to cut from selvage to selvage. Do not trim length from longer strips.

    Medium or Darkish Green

    • Cut (6) 1-3/4" x 43" strips
    • Cut (1) 1-3/4" x 38" strip

    Light Print

    • Cut (4) 1-3/4" x 43" strips
    • Cut (2) 3" x 38" strips
    1. Sew a 1-3/4" x 43" green strip lengthwise to a light strip of the same size. Press seam allowance towards the dark strip.
    2. Square up one end of the strip set and cut (24) 1-3/4" segments from it.
    3. Make another identical strip sets. Cut (24) more...MORE 1-3/4" segments.
    4. Sew a 1-3/4" x 43" dark strip lengthwise to each side of a light strip of the same size. Press seam allowances towards dark strips.
    5. Square up one end of the strip set and cut (12) 3" segments from it.
    6. Make another identical strip set and cut (12) more 3" segments.
    7. Sew a 3" x 38" light strip to each side of a 1-3/4" x 38" green strip. Press seam allowances towards the dark.
    8. Square up one end of the strip set and cut (12) 1-3/4" segments from it.

    Assemble the Quilt Block

    1. Arrange the components for one block as shown.
    2. Sew the three components in each outer row together. Press seam allowances towards the dark strips.
    3. Sew the center vertical row between the two outer rows. Press seam allowances towards the center.
    4. Press the quilt block. The block should measure 6-3/4" x 6-3/4".
    5. Make a total of (12) identical Double V quilt blocks.
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    Make Snowball Quilt Blocks for the Baby Quilt

    Baby Quilt Pattern
    Snowball Block for the Baby Quilt. Janet Wickell

    Make Snowball Quilt Blocks

    • (1) 6-3/4" wide strip of fabric cut from selvage to selvage; cut (6) 6-3/4" x 6-3/4" squares from strip (for stripes that run up and down when block is on point, cut fabric squares with edges along the bias, but handle with care; See alternate layout for straight-set blocks to use with striped Snowballs cut from strips)
    • (2) 3" wide strips of light green fabric cut from selvage to selvage; cut (24) 3" x 3" squares from strips
    1. Draw a diagonal line from one corner to...MORE the opposite corner on the reverse side of each small square.
    2. Gather four 3" light squares and one 6-3/4" green striped square. Place a small square in one corner of the larger square, right sides together and edges carefully matched, with the diagonal line as illustrated. Secure patches with a straight pin (or set a warmed iron down on the fabrics to help them stick together).
    3. Sew a seam directly on the marked line. Trim through both layers about 1/4" past the line as illustrated. Flip the new triangle at the corner upright and press the seam allowance towards the block center.
    4. Repeat to add a small square to each remaining corner to assemble a Snowball quilt block that measures 6-3/4" x 6-3/4".
    5. Make five more identical blocks.

    Assembly Tip: Sew all four corners of a block and place the iron on the sewn unit to set the seams. Clip corners and press open.

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    Assemble the Double V Baby Quilt

    Baby Quilt Patterns
    Baby Quilt Layout. Janet Wickell

    Cut Setting Squares and Triangles

    Largish Scale Print w/Light Background
    • Setting Triangles: Cut (3) 10-1/8" squares. Cut each square in half twice diagonally. Two triangles will not be used; save for another project, marking the lengthwise grain along their longest edges.
    • Corner Triangles: Cut (2) 5-3/8" x 5-3/8" squares. Cut each square in half once diagonally.

    More: Learn About Setting Triangles

    Arrange Blocks & Setting Components

    1. Arrange quilt blocks, setting squares, and corner and setting...MORE triangles in diagonal rows as illustrated. Snowball blocks are surrounded by the Double V blocks, with their interior stripes running in the same direction.
    2. Sew the components of each diagonal row together (leave corner triangles off for now). Press seam allowances towards the setting triangles.
    3. Join rows, butting seam intersections for a perfect match.
    4. Center and sew each corner triangle to the four corners of the quilt.
    5. Press the quilt.

    Sew Borders to the Quilt

    Use my
    to measure and sew borders, one at a time. If you are a beginner, don't be tempted to measure the length along quilt sides -- they will be skewed. This is your opportunity to bring the quilt into square.
    • Sew the inner border from 2" wide tone-on-tone green strips
    • Sew the outer border from 4-1/2" wide light green strips.

    Finish the Quilt

    Mark for quilting if necessary. Sandwich the quilt with batting and backing. Quilt by hand or machine. Trim and square-up excess edges and sew binding strips around the quilt edges.
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    Alternate Straight Set for the Baby Quilt

    baby quilt pattern
    Baby Quilt Layout Variation. Janet Wickell

    Here's an alternate layout with straight-sewn blocks that puts four of the Double Vs in the border, where they are used as cornerstones. You'll need one extra Snowball block (7) for this layout. The quilt measures about 31" x 44-1/2" as shown. Add or subtract borders to alter its size.

    For border instructions, see Sewing Borders with Cornerstones.

    Backing, batting and binding amounts are slightly different. Refer to the first page of the quilt pattern for links to those instructions.