3 Easy Pumpkin Bird Feeders

Turn Autumn Pumpkins Into Fantastic Feeders

From weeks before to weeks after Halloween, pumpkins are popular autumn decorations. With these three easy projects, you can turn those decorations into attractive and practical bird feeders for the entire season. Start with the first project long before Halloween, then reuse the same pumpkin to make either the second or third feeder. Even if you carve your pumpkins for spooky Halloween decorations, you can still recycle them into the third feeder project quickly and easily, giving your birds...MORE more seasonal bird feeders and making the most of these autumn fruits.

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    Instant Pumpkin Bird Feeder

    Chickadee Pumpkin
    Small birds will love this instant bird feeder. Deanna Frautschi

    It takes no time at all to turn a pumpkin into a simple bird feeder. By choosing an appropriate size and shape of pumpkin, you can make this feeder even more practical, and small perching birds such as chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and finches will be eager to feed on the seed you offer. This is a long-lasting feeder as well, and you can make it long before Halloween and still be able to carve the pumpkin later if desired.

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    Pumpkin Bird Feeder Bouquet

    Black-Eyed Susan
    Black-eyed susans are perfect to add to a bird feeder bouquet. Brian Sanders

    Deadhead seed-bearing flowers in the fall to add to a hollow pumpkin “vase” for a tasty and attractive bird feeder that will be a beautiful decoration anywhere you want to feed the birds. Both small and large pumpkins are perfect for this feeder, or if you are in a southern area, you can use fresh cut flowers to attract autumn hummingbirds. If you plan to carve the pumpkin as a Halloween decoration, you can still create a feeder bouquet as an interim step before decorative carving.

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    Carved Pumpkin Bird Feeder

    Carved Pumpkin Bird Feeder
    Larger birds will love the carved pumpkin feeder. Benny Mazur

    Whether you start with a fresh pumpkin or want to recycle one that has already been carved, this simple carved pumpkin bird feeder easily creates a large, attractive, colorful tray feeder that can accommodate multiple birds at once without difficulty. While cut pumpkins will rot more quickly, the simple design of this feeder ensures it will stay practical for a few days or more as birds enjoy the different foods that can be offered in it.