Easy Quinoa Recipes

Looking for a healthy quinoa recipe or wondering what's the best way to cook quinoa? Look no further! Here are my favorite fabulously easy and healthy vegetarian and vegan whole grain quinoa recipes.

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    Leftover quinoa wrap sandwich
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     Got leftover quinoa and not sure what to do with it? I never have leftover quinoa, because I always plan on cooking up extra to have on hand - I have "planned-overs"! Here're a few ideas for using up your extra quinoa, whether it's leftover or planned-over.

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    Most people are probably introduced to quinoa through a simple quinoa salad of veggies and dressing, much like a pasta salad. Quinoa salads don't have to be basic, however. For example, this gourmet quinoa salad calls for blueberries, fresh mint, and harvati cheese. Or, keep it simple and try this quick and simple easy vegan quinoa salad. Here're seven meatless quinoa salads to try. Pictured: Quinoa tabbouleh salad

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    Have you ever tried breakfast cookies made from quinoa? Quinoa and spinach muffins or quinoa with chocolate and peanut butter? If you haven't, then get over to this page stat! You'll find several interesting ways to incorporate quinoa into a healthy, vegetarian and often vegan and gluten-free breakfast, including, yes, Martha Stewart's morning quinoa recipe too. See also: What are quinoa flakes?

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    Roasted acorn squash is filled with an easy yet delicious balsamic and raisin quinoa pilaf for a beautiful vegetarian main dish recipe. Use this quinoa recipe for a healthy vegetarian Thanksgiving or serve it at another special fall dinner. Don't be fooled by the beautiful picture - if you can boil water and cut a squash in half - you can make this easy vegetarian quinoa recipe.

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    Vegetarian quinoa with pesto and Parmesan cheese
    Vegetarian quinoa with pesto and Parmesan cheese.

    The little hearts on the plate perfectly capture how I feel about this super easy quinoa recipe. Sure, pesto makes everything taste better, so this recipe, using store-bought pesto, almost seemed too easy. Almost. I love the spinach wilted into the dish, and the texture of the pesto was just perfect with the quinoa. If you want to make it a bit more of a full meal rather than a side salad, a few tomatoes or chickpeas tossed in ought to do it.

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    This Greek salad-inspired quinoa recipe is one of my all-time highest rated vegetarian recipes. Everyone just absolutely loves this dish! It's made with a simple lemon vinaigrette, fresh herbs, kalamata olives, artichokes and tomatoes for a quinoa recipe that is the main dish in itself. Absolutely delicious.
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    Filled with quinoa and spinach, this vegetarian casserole is a healthy twist on traditional comfort food and southern-style baked macaroni and cheese casserole. If you need this recipe to be gluten-free, use cornstarch or a gluten-free flour in place of the regular flour, since all of the other ingredients are wheat- and gluten-free. See also: More vegetarian casserole recipes

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    A versatile quinoa salad recipe, this one made with Tex-Mex and southwestern influences: it's got black beans, corn kernels, and fresh cilantro in a with a squeeze of lime juice. It's simple enough to pull together quickly, and with black beans, it's extra high in healthy protein. Perfect for vegetarians and vegans, and, this quinoa salad recipe is gluten-free as well.

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    It has all the same flavors and ingredients as a traditional stuffing, and it will still fill your kitchen with that lovely Thanksgiving smell, but this stuffing recipe is made with quinoa and just a couple pieces of bread for a healthier, high-protein meatless stuffing.
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    Quinoa in a pan
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    If you're looking for a simple, quick and easy quinoa recipe, this is a good one to try as it's quite simple, yet the flavors are all familiar. Cooked with plenty of garlic and topped off with plenty of cheese, this recipe is a bit like macaroni and cheese. Three users have reviewed this quinoa recipe, and all have given it five out of five stars, so you can be sure it's a keeper! To make it vegan, simply substitute nutritional yeast for the Parmesan.

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    With ingredients similar to an Indian-inspired rice pilaf, this easy whole-grain quinoa recipe will make for a familiar side dish. One user loved this recipe and added cayenne pepper and sweet potatoes to make it a bit more personalized. Add some simple curried veggies to make it more of a full meal, if you'd like. If you like Indian food, you'll like this easy homemade quinoa dish.

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    Even more quinoa recipes

    Quinoa salad with pecans and cranberries
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    Can't get enough homemade quinoa meals? Here're a few more healthy meat-free quinoa dishes that pile on the flavor, including lots of fresh herbs, low-fat recipes, South American quinoa recipes, and more. Enjoy! 

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    No matter what type of food you're looking for, you'll find it here in this comprehensive directory of vegetarian recipes, including additional whole grain recipes, vegetarian sandwiches, vegetarian pizzas, desserts, and more, including new vegetarian recipes.
    Pictured: Vegetarian Pesto Lasagna Rolls