7 Easy Risotto Recipes

Risotto Is Easier to Make Than You Think

Everyone should know how to cook risotto. The name itself scares many people but risotto is not as difficult to make as all your favorite cooking shows would make it seem. All it takes is a heavy skillet, a burner, a spoon, and some rice and broth. Start to finish, a perfect risotto takes only about 30 minutes to make.

The secret to great risotto is actually very simple. Keep stirring. The stirring action helps the rice release starch as it cooks, which makes the risotto creamy. And rice has a...MORE tendency to sink to the bottom of the mixture and stick to the bottom of the pan so keep it moving.

Arborio rice is traditional but you can use long-grain white rice; the end result just won't be as creamy. Here are several recipes including one for baked risotto and another that is stirred only twice if you don't want to stand over the stove. 

Once you know how to make a risotto, use your own favorite ingredients and create your own masterpiece.

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    Chicken risotto
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    Surprisingly, regular long-grain rice works in this chicken risotto, which would probably be a shock to purists, who always use arborio rice. This is comfort food to the max.  

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    Directly Above Shot Of Risotto Served In Plate
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    This easy recipe for risotto made in a pressure cooker is foolproof. Use arborio rice for best results but a medium-grain rice also might work well.

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    Risotto with herbs
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    Baking the risotto in a hot oven, after the mixture is brought to a simmer on the stovetop, is a super-easy way of making this dish. You can add anything from peas to chopped cooked chicken to ham to this easy recipe. 

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    Using freshly grated Parmesan cheese in this classic recipe is a must. Don't even think about the cheese in the green can. You have to use the real thing for the best flavor and texture in risotto. 

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    Risi e bisi, rice and peas with some ham and grated cheese
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    When you think about it, the low, slow heat of the crockpot is the perfect way to make risotto. This recipe turns out very smooth and creamy. And it's so easy. 

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    Mushroom Risotto Recipe
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    The real magic in this mushroom risotto recipe comes from using mushroom stock, but vegetable stock can be substituted. 

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    Brown Rice and Mushroom Risotto
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    This modern take on risotto uses short-grain brown rice (brown arborio rice), mushrooms, peas, sage, and Parmesan cheese. The rice takes a little longer to cook than white rice but the flavor makes the time involvement worth it.