7 Upcycled Shelves You Can DIY for Cheap

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    DIY a Hanging Belt Shelf

    Nur Noch via Hom

    Sure, shelves create useful storage space, but they can also transform blank walls into stunning displays. The following seven décor hacks will show you how to flaunt your unique style with DIY shelving.

    Want to show off a couple of small prized possessions? This DIY belt shelf by Ronja, the dexterous blogger behind, Nur-Noch is a smart idea that's cheap and easy to create.

    All you need to get started is a wood board and suede belt. FYI, Ronja used an IVAR shelf that she picked up at IKEA for...MORE less than five dollars

    Tip: Get creative. You can use a skateboard deck or rectangular platter instead of a traditional wood shelf.

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    Turn a Cheese Box into a Stunning Shelf

    Curb to Refurb via HomeTalk

    Carrie, the frugalista who pens Curb to Refurb, has a knack for recycling found objects into stunning home furnishings. She created this stylish round shelf using a discarded cheese box

    Tip: Where can you find a box like this for free? Ask your local gourmet store for one.

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    Turn Wood Slices Into Shelving

    Humboldt Art Dept via HomeTalk

    Becky, the resourceful homeowner who pens, Humboldt Art Department created this rustic shelf using a tree trunk she found in the park. The keyhole brackets used to hang it cost her only ninety-nine cents. To learn more, check out her tutorial.


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    How to Re-purpose a Set of Dresser Drawers

    Namely Original via HomeTalk

    If you have a dresser you no longer need, you can follow this blogger's crafty lead. Emily, from Namely Original, created these adorable box shelves using dresser drawers that she purchased from a resale shop

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    How to Transform a Narrow Wood Box into a Shelf


    Miss Lotte, from Nur-Noch, transformed a narrow wood box into a smart shelf. How did she do it? The first thing she did was saw the box in half lengthwise. 

    Tip: The wood box used to create this project was a roadside treasure. To find a few gems of your own, keep your eyes peeled for bulk trash days in your local area.

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    Create a Stunning Display Using Craft Boxes

    Making Lemonade via HomeTalk

    Carrie, the self-professed dreamer, and over thinker behind Making Lemonade created this stunning shelving display using customizable papier-mâché boxes. This project is insanely easy to make


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    Create Floor to Ceiling Storage Using Apple Crates

    Nur-Noch via HomeTalk

    You don't need an extra closet when you have a dozen apple crates. Ronja, from Nur-Noch, created a floor to ceiling shelving unit using old containers that she painted and then bolted to a wall