10 Easy Spray Paint Ideas for the Nursery

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    Spray Paint Projects

    Easy spray paint project ideas for the nursery
    Photos via (Clockwise from left) DoodleCraft, Inspired by Charm and Landee See Landee Do.

    Looking for an inexpensive way to add a little pizazz to your nursery design? You won’t believe what a difference an ordinary can of spray paint can make! Add a touch of bold color, or glam up your baby’s space with gleaming gold accents. The possibilities are endless!

    Need a little inspiration? Make one of these 10 easy spray paint ideas your next nursery project. 

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    Metallic Magnets

    Plastic, alphabet magnets spray painted with gold paint
    Photo via Inspired by Charm.

    Give a cheap set of alphabet magnets a chic, new shine with a quick coat of metallic gold spray paint. Don’t forget to prime your plastic letters first!

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    Updated Chandelier

    Thrift store chandelier spray painted hot pink
    Photo via Vickie Howell.

    Update a second-hand chandelier with a bright and modern hue. 

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    Mix & Match Frame Set

    Golden gallery wall with spray painted frames
    Photo via Fawn Over Baby.

    Love the eclectic look? Create a stylish, mix-and-match gallery wall for less. All you need is a handful of thrift-store frames and the unifying power of spray paint.

    Look for frames of all different shapes, sizes, and styles. The more varied your choices, the more striking their effect will be. Once you’ve made your selection, prime your pieces and paint them a single shade. The common element of color will ​tie your mismatched pieces together, creating one cohesive set.

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    Designer Knock-Off Lamp

    Nursery Lamp Spray Painted to Look like a Jonathan Adler Lamp
    Photo via Project Nursery.

    Want a chic look for less? Give an old-fashioned nursery lamp a polished-porcelain look with a quick spray of glossy white.

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    Painted Accent Crib

    Painted Yellow Accent Crib
    Photo via Apartment Therapy.

    A little color can add a lot of style. Spray painted a sunny yellow, this beautiful crib just beams with energy, bringing life and focus to the space.

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    Animal Accents

    Cheap toy elephant spray painted gold
    Photo via Hi Sugarplum!.

    Learn how to transform cheap toys into sophisticated accent pieces.

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    DIY Storage Jars

    Mason jars turned into DIY storage jars with animal accents
    Photo via Sweet Paul.

    Turn a set of old mason jars into a useful collection of colorful friends. All you need is a few animal pals and some superglue. Just mount and spray!

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    Bright Bookends

    DIY bookends made from spray painted plastic dinosaur toys
    Photo via DoodleCraft.

    Dollar store dinosaurs make for fabulous shelf décor in this easy-to-recreate spray paint project. Ready and roaring to make your own? Get the details over at DoodleCraft.

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    Vintage-Inspired String Lights

    Gold spray painted Christmas lights
    Photo via LandeeSeeLandeeDo.

    Fairy lights bring a sense of whimsy to any space, but a nice set can be pretty costly. Need a budget-friendly solution? Use gold spray paint to transform an ugly set of oversized, holiday lights into something altogether more charming.

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    Wire Basket Upgrade

    Wire baskets spray painted gold and mounted on nursery wall
    Photo via The Little Umbrella.

    Create nursery storage that really shines by spraying cheap, wire baskets with gold spray paint. Craving a little color? Try a bold shade of glossy red or orange.