10 Easy Spray Painting Projects

Spray painting is one of the easiest DIY techniques to spruce up home decor. After brushing up on the basics of spray painting, you might be motivated to grab a can and transform something for your home. Many home decor experts agree that a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to freshen up a space. The great thing about spray paint is that it is perfect for small projects, and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Cans of spray paint cost less than $6, and painting small decorative objects for your home is quick and easy, giving you almost instant gratification for a small price tag. 

Here are 10 home accessories that are perfect for spray painting.

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    A Picture Frame

    Spray Painted Picture Frame

     Flickr CC 2.0 / Wendi Dunlap

     Unify mismatched picture frames by spray painting them the same color.  Hung as a group, they'd make a statement.  Or, if you're at a garage sale or thrift store and see a sturdy frame for a great price, snap it up immediately.  Picture frames can be expensive when you buy them retail, particularly the large ones.  If you don't like the color of your thrifty find, just grab a can of spray paint.

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    A Plastic or Ceramic Animal

    Plastic Elephant Book Ends

    Love Grows Wild

     Here's one of my favorite tricks. Goodwill and other thrift stores almost always have ceramic animal figurines for sale. Dollar stores are another great source. Quite often, though, the animals at these stores are lacking in style. A quick coat of spray paint, however, transforms these animals into something trendy. Love Grows Wild made some plastic elephant bookends after unifying them with great color. Similarly, Home Made Modern updated a set of bookends, and also gilded an elephant figurine.

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    An Initial

    Gold Initial

    Liz Marie Blog

     Paper mache or wooden letters can be purchased at any craft store and customized any number of ways. The Liz Marie Blog shows you how to treat your initial with the Midas touch.

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    A Lamp Base

    Spray Painted Lamp Base

    Home Made Modern

     A lamp is another home accessory that can have a hefty price tag if you're on a budget. This inexpensive lamp base from Target lacked style until it was coated with gold spray paint and topped with a square shade. 

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    A Mirror

    DIY Outdoor Mirror

    Home Stories A to Z

    Sure, you can spray paint mirror frames to use indoors, but this project from Home Stories A to Z goes one step further. Special mirror-finish paint is used for this project, along with a durable finish for the frame, making this project weather-resistant. 

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    A TV Tray

    Painted TV Tray

    Home Made Modern

     Metal TV trays or even cookie sheets can become decorative accessories with a coat of spray paint. To give them more style, use stencils or rub-on transfers after the paint has dried. Madigan Made has a great tutorial for how to decorate a painted cookie sheet with washi tape. 

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    A Door Knob

    Modern Door Knob with Back Plate

    Young House Love

     Cheap brass doorknobs or mismatched knobs in the same space can be updated and unified with spray paint. Thrifty Decor Chick and Young House Love both show what an impact this can have on your home. 

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    A Light Fixture

    Spray Painted Light Fixture
    Home Made Modern

     Builder-grade brass fixtures are often the first thing to go upon moving into a home; however, you can save money by simply spray painting the brass with a more of-the-moment finish. 

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    A Cheap Floral Vase

    Faux Mercury Glass Vase

    Maison de Pax

    Do you have a collection of florists' vases in a cabinet somewhere? Rachel at Maison de Pax shows you how to transform these cheap vessels into something special with her technique for creating faux mercury glass. 

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    A Fan

    Vintage Fan Makeover

     Liz Marie Blog

    Don't be afraid to paint vintage accessories. This fan wasn't the right color and didn't give off the right vintage vibe for the space, but that didn't stop Liz Marie from seeing its potential. Check out the before and after on Liz Marie Blog.