Easy Moving Guides to Get You Ready to Move this Spring or Summer

Spring and Summer are prime moving seasons. Everything is conspiring to get you moving in more ways than you can imagine. First of all, you are tired of being cooped up all winter. Now you want to do stuff. The days are getting longer, flowers are blooming, even the clocks are springing forward. And invariably, this is also the time that the housing market starts to spring into action. So take a look at this guide to moving in spring and summer. We'll walk you through preparing to move, selli...MOREng and buying homes, spring cleaning and everything else that will get you moving this season.

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    It is no secret that spring and summer are the best moving seasons. Find out when is best for you. Your situation may be different depending on your circumstances. Take a look at the best times to move for you in this article.

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    Each year around this time some of us engage in a ritual known as spring cleaning. It isn't the most popular chore for everyone, but it's a way of sorting through things to clear out the clutter. If you're planning a spring or summer move, then now's the time to get organized, and a good thorough house cleaning is a great place to start, allowing you the chance to get rid of stuff you don't want to pack. There are items that you really would not want to be moving. Find out...MORE here what these are.

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    For those of you contemplating a spring or summer move or even if you're just looking at getting rid of all that stuff stored in your attic, why not organize a spring garage sale? Not only does it feel great to lighten your household goods, but just think of all that extra money! Okay, maybe it won't be enough to pay for the moving company...maybe not even enough to pay for all those moving supplies...but you can make enough to pay for an endless supply of lattes, just what you need for...MORE those upcoming packing marathons.

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    Wouldn't it be nice if someone would just come into your home, organize your belongings, sort through junk, and prepare/conduct a garage sale on your behalf, and then just give you the proceeds? Well, believe it or not, there are companies out there that do just that. Some will even follow up by helping you hook up with a charity that will take whatever does not get sold. This is one way to clear junk, put money in your pocket, and get the move off on the right foot. Check out these...MORE de-cluttering companies.

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    Sometimes it doesn't seem to matter the number of times you've moved. Even after all our moves, from city to city, across the country and internationally, I still get a little overwhelmed when I think about the next move. Sometimes, I wish I could carry our house on my back - wouldn't that be easier? For your spring move, you want to be on top of things from the start. Start off on the right foot and get a handle on all the things you need to think about, organize and make happen....MORE This handy guide to moving is the best place to start.

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    If you're moving into your first home, whether you're buying or renting, there are some things you'll need to do in addition to the usual moving tasks - things that will make your first house a real home.These guides will provide you with everything you need to know about renting, buying and moving into your first home.