Feng Shui Your Living Room in 10 Steps

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    10 Feng Shui Living Room Decorating Tips

    fresh living room with good feng shui
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    In feng shui terms, the main challenge with decorating a living room is to create a space that has the ability to not only be beautiful and practical but also have a strong, fresh, clean, and happy energy. A living room that is beautiful and works well on a practical level usually takes quite a bit of planning and persistence (along with the desire to decorate, of course!) 

    Why is good feng shui in your living room important? And how can you create good feng shui in your own living room? Let me...MORE share with you 10 easy feng shui living room decorating tips.

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    1. Clutter Free and Organized

    Organized living room
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    A living room that is clean and clutter free is the only foundation for good feng shui.  Yes, we know you might have heard that many times, but this essential first step has to be emphasized again. There can be no solid and good feng shui energy in a space that is infected by clutter, the two of them cannot co-exist; it is either one or the other.

    We encourage you to explore our easy feng shui clutter clearing system if you need help with clearing your clutter and then look for some good...MORE organizational solutions based on your specific needs. Having a clear organization system is also a must for good feng shui in your living room, especially if you have children.

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    2. Air and Light

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    The next step in good feng shui living room decorating is to be sure your room gets as much natural light and good quality air as it possibly can.  Good quality air and good quality light create the foundation of good feng shui energy, and there are many ways to help you do the best with this feng shui step. For example, if you have only a few small windows, decorate with mirrors to bring more natural light, as well as be sure to layer your indoor lighting.

    What does layering your lighting mean?...MORE Simply stated, it means you have several different levels of lighting. So, in addition to a ceiling fixture, you will also have a floor lamp and several table lamps, for example. If you limit your living room lighting to just your ceiling lamp or just a floor lamp, this will tend to create a sad and potentially depressing quality of feng shui energy in your room.

    How about fresh air? The benefits of fresh air to your health are obvious, so along with opening your windows often we highly suggest you go for a good quality aromatherapy diffuser to benefit from the healing power of pure essential oils. Stale air and poor lighting are big enemies of good feng shui, so be sure you pay attention to the quality of air and light if you want to have good feng shui in your living room.

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    3. Practical Beauty

    Family playing in living room
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    Having a welcomed, relaxed (and beautiful!) space for both children and adults to spend time in can be a challenge. Well, we should include pets, too. It is important to know that you can create a very beautiful living room, but if it does not work on a practical level and you keep worrying about your kids messing it up or do not want your pets to be there, then no matter how beautiful your room is, this is not good feng shui.

    Basically, a good feng shui space is a space that does the best job...MORE for its specific purpose, and beauty at the expense of practical use is just not good feng shui.

    Contrary to the popular belief, children can help you with keeping the living room clean, it is just a matter of clear organization and clear communication, of course. If each item in your living room has its own space, the possibility of mess and clutter is greatly diminished, and everyone can feel happy and enjoy good feng shui energy.

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    4. Your Living Room Color Scheme

    Modern living room
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    Ok, now that we are done with the basics - no clutter, good organization, good quality air and light plus practical beauty, let's move on to the more specific feng shui decorating tips for your living room.

    We start with the color scheme, of course, because color is an expression of light and it has the biggest impact on our mood. It is also very important for good feng shui because each color is an expression of a specific feng shui element.

    Choosing a good feng shui decor scheme for your living...MORE room usually requires a bit of work. It is best to start with understanding the feng shui bagua, or energy map of your home. This is our next step.

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    5. Define and Use the Bagua

    feng shui bagua
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    The bagua is the feng shui energy map of your space. In order to create best feng shui energy in your living room, it is best to define the bagua of your home first. Once you know the feng shui area of your living room, you will have clarity on the best choice of colors, shapes, and materials based on the feng shui element that needs to be supported there.

    For example, if your living room is in the South feng shui bagua area, then it is excellent to decorate your living room with colors of the...MORE Fire and Wood feng shui elements. So colors redorange, yellow, purple, along with green and deep brown will all create excellent feng shui energy in your South facing living room.

    By the same token, a black or blue color scheme is not recommended for a South facing living room because it will create a weak feng shui energy due to the clashing effect of feng shui elements (blue and black colors are the expression of the Water feng shui element that puts down the Fire needed in the South area).

    If this all sounds too complicated for now and you just want a shortcut to the best feng shui colors for your living room, we have the info ready for you.

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    6. Shapes and Materials

    Colorful living room
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    Just as there are specific colors that will help you create good feng shui energy in your living room, there are also specific decorating shapes that can strengthen the desired prosperous and happy feng shui energy in your living room. 

    Each shape is an expression of a specific feng shui element, so choose the best shape based on the bagua area of your living room. For example, if you have a North facing living room, then wavy shapes resembling the flow of water can create wonderful energy.

    The...MORE same principle applies to various decorating materials. To continue with the example of a North facing living room, best feng shui decor materials for it would be predominantly metal, glass or mirror-like surfaces. The materials to avoid (in excess) in a North facing living room are Wood furniture or decor items, as well as a lot of earthenware. Because plants belong to the Wood feng shui element, too many plants will weaken the feng shui energy of a North facing living room, so choose wisely.

    Again, we have a shortcut for you if dealing with feng shui elements is not something you want to do right now.

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    7. Watch for Balance

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    While it is important to emphasize the colors and shapes that are most needed for good feng shui in your living room; to completely avoid other colors and shapes would be a mistake. An all-pink color living room in your love area or an all-blue color living room in​ your career area is not really good feng shui.

    Feng shui is all about health, balance, and harmony, and we need all 5 feng shui elements in our environment in order to thrive and be happy. So, good feng shui in your living room is...MORE based on a subtle dance of all colors and shapes, with two or three taking the main stage based on the feng shui bagua requirements.

    For example, you can still have a mirror (Water feng shui element) in the South bagua area (ruled by the Fire feng shui element) if you do not make it into a focal point. For this purpose, choose a mirror with a fiery shape  (like a sunburst mirror) and Fire element material (gold finish is a good expression of the fire element).

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    8. Best Living Room Arrangement

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    Ok, we are done with the complex (but very important!) subject of choosing the best feng shui decor elements according to the bagua ​area your living room is located in. Now we can finally focus on the best furniture arrangement in your living room - something that many people actually start with.  

    The best feng shui living room arrangement is an arrangement where all your family members (plus guests) feel at ease and relaxed. This means there is enough breathing room for everyone, and the basic...MORE design principles are taken into consideration.

    Working with scale and proportion, creating a good relationship between your furniture pieces, creating good conversation areas  - these are all well known decorating principles that you are probably familiar with (and can easily find many online resources to help you). Feng shui agrees with the importance of all these principles with just one condition - there has to be a good Chi flow.

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    9. Create A Flow and Go with It

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    The notion of Chi flow is one of the main principles of feng shui that has to be respected if one wants to benefit from good energy. The Chi - another name for Universal energy -  has to flow smoothly in your living room, nourishing it and filling it with energy.

    Chi flow can be viewed as water flow, so with this comparison in mind take a look at your living room arrangement and decide if the water (imaginary water as Chi flow) coming in from the living room door would flow smoothly and...MORE cheerfully about your living room. Will it get stuck in some areas? Will it easily escape through a big window without having the chance to actually nourish your living room?

    Play and experiment with several furniture arrangements until you find the one that allows for the easiest and most graceful flow of Chi/energy. 

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    10. Avoid Sha Chi and Keep Good Company

    Living room furniture
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     At any time during your living room decorating process, be sure there is no attacking energy - called Sha Chi in feng shui - pointing at areas where your and your family spend the most time. In your living room, Sha Chi is the attacking energy that can be created by sharp corners from furniture such as coffee tables or bookcases; architectural features such as the fireplace mantel or various decor elements such as big candleholders or modern lamp bases, for example.

    To avoid the detrimental...MORE effects of Sha Chi, place your furniture pieces and major decor items so that no sharp energy is pointing directly at any seating areas (or play areas if you've created some in your living room for your kids).

    Another aspect of bad feng shui energy is called Si Chi, which is basically low, sad, and depressing quality of energy. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with it! To prevent it from taking roots in your living room, be sure to use basic feng shui space clearing steps after a strong family argument, unpleasant guests, etc. Even better, make a habit of clearing the energy in your space regularly, this is easy to do and a pleasure to experience.

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    So, now you know how to use feng shui to create a living room that is beautiful, practical and full of happy, fresh energy! If you need a refresher, here is the recap of our 10 steps for good feng shui living room decorating:

    1. Clutter Clear and Organize
    2. Fresh Air and Good Light
    3. Practical Beauty
    4. Your Living Room Color Scheme
    5. Use the Energy Map
    6. Shapes and Materials
    7. Watch for Balance
    8. The Furniture Arrangement
    9. Create A Flow 
    10. Watch for Sha Chi and Keep Good Company

    Now, I am sure you also expect specific (and...MORE magical and easy!) feng shui items for your living room decor, so how can I not give you this info? Of course I will; here it comes.