A Thanksgiving Tree May Be Just the Thing to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

And it's an easy way to cozy up your living room

thanksgiving tree

Instagram / JennaLovesChristmas 

It seems like with all the candy-filled festivities of Halloween and the sparkle and dazzle of Christmas, Thanksgiving decor often gets shoved to the back. In fact, most of the time it’s generically grouped with “fall decor.” You may even add a turkey on the big day just to make it stand out a bit more. This year, give Thanksgiving the recognition it deserves—with a tree.

I adore Thanksgiving. Not because it falls during my favorite season or because I also love pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and cornbread dressing. This year I noticed that Thanksgiving trees are gaining popularity. Pinterest says searches for Thanksgiving tree decorations have tripled, compared to this time last year. And it makes sense that Thanksgiving trees are becoming more popular—Halloween trees had their moment, too! Besides, having a tree from October to January-ish sounds about right to us, especially in 2020.

Putting together a Thanksgiving tree doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Los Angeles-based holiday home designer Jeanna Crawford shares her five tips on how to put together a simple Thanksgiving tree.

Be Inspired by the Bounty of the Season

Autumn is full of natural beauty—so use it as your muse! Think along the lines of copper and bronze colors and rustic textures. “Whether you shop for your tree at the farmer's market or opt for faux, a traditional Thanksgiving tree will show off the season's bounty,” says Crawford. Pumpkins, apples, and colorful leaves aren’t the only seasonal fare for fall. Crawford says to keep an eye out for other autumn bounties such as pomegranates, citrus, gherkins, multi-colored calico corn, and artichokes. 

Add Dimension With Surprising Picks and Sprays

If your tree is lacking in texture, no worries. “Turkey feathers, corn husk, and manzanita-tree branches tell a story and add texture and drama to your tree,” Crawford says. These items are easy to find in a craft store and will add fun, seasonal interest to your tree. Or, get resourceful and forage for some dried leaves, pinecones, and twisty branches to add to your tree. Free natural decor is always a bonus.

Choose an Inspiration Piece

If you don’t know where to start, chose one inspirational piece. This can be a pinecone or a fun piece of autumn decor you found at the store. If it doesn’t have a hook or string, no big deal. “Using floral wire, you can safely attach nearly anything into the heart of your tree, drawing the eye and adding excitement and personalization to your display,” suggests Crawford.  

Don’t Forget the Ribbons!

Ribbons aren’t just for Christmas presents. “The simple addition of richly hued burgundy ribbon or a simple straw angel tree topper can transition your Thanksgiving tree to Christmas in moments,” says Crawford. If you are not a fan of burgundy, try a handsome buffalo check, burlap, or plaid ribbon These patterns scream comfort and warmth which is perfect for fall decor. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Now that you have your Thanksgiving tree up, it’s easy to transition it into Christmas decor. Remove all your tell-tale autumn pieces like the pumpkins but keep all your copper and bronze elements. Crawford says although they are not traditional holiday colors, they'll instantly read "Christmas" with the addition of a few key surprises. “Bring in the magic and sparkle of the season with shine and shimmer—clear glass orbs that make the lights dance across the room, sugared balls of berries, frosted picks that are reminiscent of light dust of snow on a chilly holiday morning,” says Crawford.