Easy Way To Cut Big Drywall Sheets in 30 Seconds

Man sanding drywall

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Cutting large sheets (4' x 8') of drywall can be a hassle. A sheet of drywall can weigh over 50 pounds. Not only that, drywall is wobbly and hard to manage.

You can cut entire lengths of drywall easily, even without setting the sheets flat on the floor.

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    Score Drywall With Utility Knife

    Make the Score on the Drywall
    Lee Wallender

    Get your 48" drywall square. Square the "T" end with the left side of the drywall. With your utility knife, score a line as far as you can.

    Next, square up on the right side. Complete the score.

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    Break Drywall Sheet Firmly

    Score Paper on Drywall
    Lee Wallender

    Put your sheet of drywall on end. Reverse the sheet so that you are facing the back of the drywall (the unscored side).

    Roughly locate the scoring area. With your knee, hit the drywall. This is no time for indecisiveness: give it a firm pop.

    The drywall will break perfectly along the scoreline.

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    Complete the Cut and Separate

    Score Paper on Drywall
    Lee Wallender

    Now you're practically done. The sheet of drywall will even stand on end by itself.

    Remain on the back (unscored) side of the drywall.

    Bend the two scored sections so that they are 90 degrees to each other. With your utility knife, cut the paper on the back side of the drywall.

    That's it! You're done.