Easy Ways To Light Your Home

 There are many lighting options available for your home. The list of options varies from indoor to outdoor, but there are certainly a lot of options. Let's look over a few of them and see how these can shine a light on your world!

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    Can Light
    Can Light. Timothy Thiele

    To conceal lighting in the ceiling, there is a great option with cans lights.They provide a nice, clean look and directional lighting.

    Can lights can be purchased to be in direct contact with insulation or a variety that needs an air gap. Often referred to as recessed lighting, can lights are concealed in the ceiling, showing only a can trim ring.  These rings can be flat, rotating, or directional in style.

    These lights are often used where hanging fixture would not go or where highlighting or spot...MORElighting items is desired. Kitchens, living rooms and great rooms are all excellent examples of places to use recessed lighting. Spas and hot tub areas are also a desirable place to use can lights. 

    Recessed can lights have two adjustable mounting brackets that slide out to attach to the ceiling joists. You can fasten these with nails or screw to support the fixture. The bottom of the fixture should be even with the bottom of the ceiling joist with only the circular opening protruding down the thickness of the drywall so that a flush finish is achieved.

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    Wall Sconce
    Wall Sconce. Timothy Thiele

     To add some lighting to walls in your home, you'll need to add a wall sconce. These are great options in rooms that have no ceiling lighting, especially in older home.

    Wall sconces are lights that are placed on walls to accent them or to provide indirect lighting. They are also used to light specific areas like staircases and hallways in your home. I have wall sconce lighting in my loft, the bathroom, and by the outer doors.

    Most wall sconces use a single light bulb. Some have a half-moon...MORE shaped cover that covers the bulb from view and provides an upward beam of light on the wall. Some wall sconces, like the ones in the photos, shine downward and are nice for lighting over end tables and shelves.

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    Track lighting is a great option when you want to add lighting to a room from a single location, but to have the option of customizing the amount of lights to be added.

    This track lighting accent lighting option gives you the ability to add as many individual light fixture lamps as needed. It is quite simple to install and remove these lamps. They simply twist and snap into the track in which they lock to secure them into place.

    Track lighting kits come complete with a mounting plate, a track, a...MORE mounting housing cover plate and the individual lighting fixtures. The mounting plate has a wiring hub that connects the power to the track. It is wired into the existing wiring.

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    A photo of a fluorescent lighting fixture.
    Fluorescent Fixture. Tim Thiele

    There are three distinctive types of fluorescent light bulbs and one that is super bright. Using fluorescent lighting is a must in businesses and offices.

     Fluorescent light fixtures use a variety of fluorescent bulbs. Yes, there are choices that can save you money in the long run. 

    There are three distinctive types of fluorescent light bulbs. Depending on the type of fixture, the ballast type it has, and the age of your fixture, you’ll be able to find one of these type bulbs more than likely....MORE Though they range in length and width, they all do basically the same thing, light the room they are in.