Easy Winter Activities and Crafts for Kids

Quick and Easy Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Don't let winter get you down; celebrate winter! Here are simple winter related activities for you to try - everything from simple arts and crafts projects to tasty snacks. These ideas are also useful if you need help with winter lesson plans or curriculum theme ideas.

1. Gather several pairs of mittens. Sort them by size, color, design, left hand, right hand, etc.

2. Make a 'tent' using blankets draped over a table or chairs.

Pretend it is a bear cave and you are a bear getting ready to hibernate.

3. Use white clay to make tiny snow people. Embellish with small twigs, pebbles, chenille stems, scrap material, etc.

4. Gather together many friends, family, and neighbors and put on a snow sled parade. Decorate the sleds and walk through the neighborhood!

5. Make a pin the nose on the snowman game. Play by seeing who, blindfolded, can pin a paper carrot nose closest to where it belongs.

6. Trace your winter boots, gloves, mittens, hats, etc and color them.

7. Paint a snow scene on light blue paper using glue. Sprinkle the glue with white glitter or salt and let dry.

8. Make a mini ice castle using colored ice cubes (use salt to 'glue' them together).

9. Make miniature igloos using marshmallows and frosting.

10. Draw out snowflake designs on wax paper using glue, sprinkle on glitter if desired. Once the glue is dry, peel off your snowflake and it should stick to the window.

11. Draw a winter scene on black construction paper using white chalk.

12. Make a snow gauge by marking inch lines on a coffee can and setting it outside to catch snow in.

13. Have snowballs for a snack (powdered sugar doughnut holes)!

14. Place an ice cube or snowball in a large bowl. Set it in the middle of a table and observe how it melts.

Write down your findings.

15. Have an indoor snowball fight using wadded up pieces of paper or marshmallows!

16. Make a winter clothing collage by cutting pictures of clothes you wear in the winter and gluing them on paper.

17. Paint the snow using food coloring or tempera paint mixed with water. Put the mixture in a squirt bottle and have a blast!

18. Pretend it is summer and have a beach party! Everyone can wear their bathing suits and sunglasses inside. Sit on lawn chairs and sip lemonade.

19. Design your own snowflakes using white play dough and with silver glitter mixed into it.

20. Make a snowstorm inside by tearing up several pieces of white paper. Place them on a sheet or towel, have everyone grab the edge, and toss the snow into the air.

21. Cut snowflakes out of coffee filters, and hang them around the room.

22. Blow bubbles outside when it is very cold and see what happens!

23. Make large snowmen indoors by stuffing large, white garbage bags with newspaper.

24. Experiments with the effects sand and salt have on ice.

25. Make a winter picture by gluing Honeycomb cereal on construction paper to look like snow.

26. Place small Styrofoam balls on spoons and try to carry these mini "snowballs" across the room without dropping them.

27. Go outside and make snow angels.

28. Make ice cube Popsicles by freezing the juice in ice cube trays and inserting toothpicks or Popsicle stick cut in half.

29. Make hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

30. Give everyone an ice cube and see who can find ways to melt them the fastest.

31. Go for a walk and look for animal tracks in the snow.

32. Make snowman prints using a marshmallow dipped into white paint and pressed on dark colored paper.

33. Put on some music and pretend to be snowflakes gently flying around.

34. Make round bean bags out of white material to look like snowballs. Have a snowball toss competition!

35. Collect different pairs of gloves. Mix them up and set them in a pile. Take turns finding the matching gloves.

36. Go outside and catch snowflakes on black paper or fabric (let the paper or fabric get cold first in the freezer or outside).

Look at all the unique shapes.

37. Finger paint snowflakes on the windows using white tempera paint mixed with a bit of dish soap!

38. Learn about different kinds of snowflakes.

39. Cut snowflakes out of paper. Experiment with different folding techniques and cuts.

40. Have a scavenger hunt and look for objects that are white.

41. Make your own puffy snow paint by mixing equal parts of glue and shaving cream.

42. Build an igloo inside using empty milk jugs taped or glued together.

43. Pretend to be a snowman melting on a warm day.

44. Make a snowman snack using marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, and peanut butter (to hold them all together).

45. Make a winter white collage by cutting white objects out of magazines and gluing them on dark colored paper.

46. Hide a mitten in the room somewhere and let others try to find it. Give them clues by telling them whether they are 'hot' (near the mitten) or 'cold' (far from the mitten).

47. Write a poem or story about snow.

48. Blow up several white balloons and pretend they are snowballs! Toss them around, or try to build something with them (using tape).

49. Make snowflakes on cookies by placing a small doily on top of a cookie and sprinkling on some powdered sugar. This well for cakes also.

50. If you have slippery hardwood or tiled floors, pretend to ice skate in your stocking feet.

If you still want more winter crafts and activities, check out my Winter Family Projects section. It includes ideas for snowman crafts, directions on how to make snowflakes, suggestions for creations made with ice and snow, wintry recipes, coloring pages, and many more creative projects.