Easy Winter Dinner Recipes

Here are some recipe ideas for those cold winter nights when you're craving a warm and comforting dinner. These satisfying dinners are good for larger groups, and the leftovers usually get even more delicious.

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    Braised Lamb Shanks Recipe Photo (c) John Mitzewich

    This slow-braised lamb shanks recipe produces incredibly flavorful, succulent, fork-tender meat. Lamb shanks make a great hearty dinner, and reheat beautifully.

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    Photos (c) John Mitzewich
    Americans love casseroles, and this shepherd's pie recipe ranks right up there for its ease, frugality, and homey goodness. Shepherd's pie recipes are traditionally done with lamb, but are also great with ground turkey and beef.
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    Photo (c) John Mitzewich
    Cacciatore means "hunter" in Italian, and this classic chicken stew is rustic, easy to make, and delicious. Chicken cacciatore is great served over pasta, rice, or polenta, and is a perfect recipe when you want big flavors on a small budget.
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    Photo © John Mitzewich
    This traditional beef pot roast recipe is one of America's slow-cooked favorites. The aromatic root vegetables scent the tender beef, and the long, slow braising results in a heavenly sauce. This beef pot roast recipe is easy to make, and perfect for a family dinner.
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    Photo © John Mitzewich
    By using green salsa, you can have an authentic tasting chili verde without the slicing and dicing! This incredibly delicious pork stew is a southwestern classic, and is wonderful served over rice.
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    Photos © John Mitzewich
    This stuffed cabbage rolls recipe is an Italian-American twist on an Eastern European classic. In addition to savory beef, the rice in the stuffing soaks up all the delicious flavors as the cabbage rolls slowly braise.
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    Photo © John Mitzewich
    This southwestern pepper and chicken stew recipe is as comforting as it is simple. You can make it as spicy as you like by using any combination of sweet and hot peppers. This chicken stew is great served with rice, or tortillas.
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    Photo (c) John Mitzewich
    This pot-roasted beef chuck recipe really shows how great just a few ingredients can be. The beef is roasted long and slow with aromatic vegetables, and the result is fork-tender chuck roast topped with delicious natural juices.
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    Photos © John Mitzewich
    This slowly braised beef short ribs recipe is one of those melt-in-your-mouth dishes that will warm you from the inside out. The sherry in this recipe adds a subtle sweetness to the short ribs, and also makes a great sauce. These short ribs are perfect served with rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes.
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    Photo (c) John Mitzewich

    The American classic - Sloppy Joes!  So delicious and comforting and Sloppy!  The meat is cooked slowly in the delicious sauce and served hot on a roll. This is a great hot sandwich, and the meat mixture can be made days ahead of time.

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    Photo © John Mitzewich
    This gumbo recipe is a spicy, meaty, comforting Cajun stew, usually served with rice. Andouille sausage is a traditional ingredient in gumbo recipes, but any spicy, smoked sausage will work in this classic American recipe.