Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas

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    An Outline and Basic Design Guidelines

    Eclectic bedroom interior
    Eclectic Bedroom Interior. Photo by araraadt via

    One of the most popular bedroom design ideas is the eclectic style. It combines various styles to create a vivid and interesting room. The combination may incorporate vintage furniture, but use modern art or accents to create contrast. This style is sometimes sub-categorized under contemporary or modern styles by designers and other professionals, but in the end, this is the most popular style because it is fun, universal, diverse, and easy to achieve. Here are six tips to help you create an eclectic bedroom design, while maintaining balance and charm.

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    Create a Collage or Idea Board

    Collage or Idea Board
    A photo collage for inspiration to design a eclectic bedroom. Photo by Kimberly Sayers Bartosch

    Before you begin designing your eclectic bedroom, you will need a plan. This will help keep you on track and on budget when putting your bedroom together. You can do this by creating a collage of photos from magazines, flyers, objects, places, trinkets, or online images in a notebook, three-ringed binder, or pin them on a bulletin board. Another alternative is to use online bulletin boards like or Once you have your ideas in one place, you’ll begin to notice that you’ll have bedroom photos with identical colors, furniture, and styles.

    Next step, begin picking out your favorite items within your collage; such as, a bed frame, dresser, lamps, window treatments, wall covering, or anything else that you want to incorporate in your bedroom design. Once you have your favorites picked, organize them to the front of your collage or notebook, and start shopping!

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    Choose a Focal Point or Theme

    Bedroom with a cityscape accent wall.
    Eclectic bedroom wall mural of a cityscape. Photo by Stock for Free via

    Whether it is a collection of found objects or treasures, a book shelf, or a mural, most eclectic bedrooms have a focal point. Some use framed artwork and photos as their focal point, or a combination of wall stickers, stencils, and framed photos. Other options to use as a focal point are shelving, an elaborate accent wall, or bookshelves decorated with knick-knacks, old books, or other little treasures. Other focal points can be a piece of furniture, such as a dresser, chair, or ornate head board.

    Themes are also fun, which is why this design style is great for nurseries and kids’ rooms. Some themes can be Asian, Moroccan, coastal living, rustic, or cottage styles, which are fun ideas and oases for eccentric personalities. After all, this will be your paradise that you’ll retreat to every night!

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    Design Your Bedroom Over Time

    Modern Bedroom.
    Modern or contemporary bedroom decorated in the eclectic style. Photo by Mihalis via

    Eclectic is a term that is thrown around a lot in the interior design world. It means several different things to different people; some feel eclectic style is a room that is put together over time, while others use the term to identify several styles and furniture types combined together. Whichever definition you agree with, the eclectic style is great to use if you are on a limited budget, like to have several design options, and prefer variety. You can buy your items over time and incorporate them in your room as your budget allows or you can purchase your items all at once.

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    Find a Color Scheme and Stick to It

    Sitting area.
    Sitting Area in the Kansas City 43rd Symphony Designers' Showhouse, designed by Johnson County Community College Interior Design. Photo by Kimberly Sayers Bartosch

    Color schemes, combinations, and patterns can be the most difficult challenge in an eclectic design concept. Since you typically buy pieces over time, this can make it difficult to stay focused or add an item that doesn’t work. To keep this from happening, always carry with you a sample of your design concept, such as a piece of fabric, your collage, or a photo of your room.

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    Furniture to Use or Not to Use

    Asian inspired eclectic bedroom
    Marrakesh Bedroom designed by Horchow. Photo courtesy of Horchow

    Furniture selection is important in any design plan, especially in a bedroom. These pieces will identify the style, flow, and fundamentals to complete the room’s overall function. The first decision is to choose the large and major pieces of furniture for your bedroom, which would be your bed, dresser, or armoire. Next, incorporate the smaller pieces over time to complete your design; for example, lamps, a chair, chest, screen, side tables, or book shelf.

    The best way to make these selections is to refer back to your collage and determine the major furniture pieces used in these photographs or images, for example, this photo uses Asian inspired pieces, so if you decide to move in this direction for your bedroom, you’ll want to research and purchase these pieces of furniture or something similar.

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    Be Selective and Know When to Stop

    Side table and chair.
    Eclectic decorating style, which can be used in any room. Photo by Mihalis via

    Sometimes too much of a good thing is not good! Some believe eclectic design means the freedom to incorporate lots of furniture, decoration, and stuff on top of stuff, but there are limits. If you cram too much of a good thing into one room, then it is no longer a good thing, and may cause chaos as well as affect your sleep. An easy way to know when enough is enough is to step back and ask yourself, "Does this room look too cramped and uncomfortable?" If you cannot make that determination for yourself, then ask someone who can separate themselves from the project, like your significant other, friend, or a family member. Sometimes a fresh point-of-view will help get you back on track.

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    The Eclectic Bedroom is Finished

    Guest bedroom.
    Guest bedroom featured at the 43rd Symphony Designers' Showhouse in Kansas City. Designed by B+I Design. Photo by Kimberly Sayers Bartosch

    These six basic steps will help you begin designing your eclectic bedroom with ease. Have fun designing and creating your own private getaway from life’s hardships. Now that you have begun, the next step is to determine your color scheme and create a bedroom for better sleep.