Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

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    A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

    When we make our way to a hotel, no matter whether we're traveling for business, a family vacation or just getting away all on our own, we're looking for more than a place to shower and sleep. We're after an experience, something that we can take home with us - something we can look forward to having again. And while there are scores of hotels to be found, there are few that truly focus on delivering the type of unique staying experience that can rival any other attraction we might...MORE find while traveling - and providing it in some of the most exciting cities in the world. 

    citizenM is a Netherlands-based company with an eye towards servicing a new kind of traveler. Dubbed Mobile Citizens by the fashion-forward hospitality brand, these are adventurers of all stripes, businesspeople, galavanters and free spirits of every kind. The chain's offer to it's customers is very straight forward: affordable luxury in an amazing city, in a space so stunningly curated that it borders on the surreal. 

    With hotels across the Netherlands and France as well as one in the heart of Times Square in New York City, citizenM is doing itself one better, unveiling the new and indescribably beautiful Tower of London location that will serve as the new flagship hotel of the brand.

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    A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

    Upon entering the hotel, Mobile Ciizen's are greeted by a variety of gorgeously decorated areas and vignettes. Long before reaching the rooms the experience begins with a variety of sights and sounds designed specifically for the space by some of the world's most innovative design companies. One particular standout is the Kinetic Lights installation by Studio Drift. The Netherlands-based company specializing in interactive light sculptures created a series of covered lamps, shaped like...MORE flowers, that float continually up and down between the eight floors of the hotel, seemingly by magic.  

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    A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

    Beautifully designed public areas draw together the best in modern design along with a celebration of the history, culture and symbology of the city. The hotel, which is located on Tower Hill, adjacent to the Tower of London and across the river from Shakespeare's historic Globe Theatre, boasts an electrifying assortment of eclectic furnishings reflecting the global nature of both the company and it's intended customer. 

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    A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

    Sculptural overhead skylights flood the space with light. The hotel's top floor is dominated by board rooms and meeting spaces. Like each of the 370 individual rooms included on the property, the meeting rooms all boast "better views than the Queen's."

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    A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

    One of the hotel's major attractions is the fantastic collection of art that decorates it's public spaces and rooms. Bringing together the work of many notable painters, photographers and designers, the space includes a commissioned work from Peter Lamb, a London-based painter famed for his ability to create illusions through his control of scale. Outside, the hotel's facade is wrapped in the work of Julian Opie, while inside an interactive digital display from Dominic Harris adds to...MORE the hotel's many delights.


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    A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

    Even with so much to offer in it's public spaces, the rooms are where the hotel truly shines. To keep the experience of the citizenM hotels consistent across locations, continents and even oceans, the rooms in this hotel are designed identically to those of every other citizenM hotel in the world. And if it sounds like that type homogeny could run the risk of becoming boring, rest assured that the concern will only last until you see the room itself. The furnishings are all drawn from...MORE standout modern designers, with a few mid-century classics thrown in for good measure. The works of Verner Panton, Vitra, and Jean Prouvé all make appearances, along a few additions from Charles and Ray Eames.

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    A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

    Like the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that adorn the public spaces of the lower levels, the rooms all offer floor-to-ceiling windows to give the best possible views. And if you're hoping to experience the best vantage points that the hotel has to offer, you should probably make a reservation as the very top floors are reserved for guests only. But that shouldn't be to much trouble, as with prices ranging from a low of £109 to a high £269, CitizenM is making good on its promise, offering...MORE Mobile Citizens everywhere an experience fit for royalty at a price designed to make the people cheer.