10 Eco-Friendly Homes That’ll Inspire You to Go Green

Large home made from shipping containers

The Gosselin Group

Our homes are much more than just the places where we live. They hold memories, shelter us through our hardest times, and act as a footprint we leave behind as the next family comes to grow within their walls. Your home says a lot about you, so it's important that it reflects your values and passions. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, there are many upgrades you can do on your own home to make it even more environmentally-friendly. 

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    Reduce Your Footprint

    Eco friendly large white barn
    Ryan Bent

    Looking for a bit of inspiration as you and your family go green? This amazing net-zero home by ​Joan Heaton Architects proves that living sustainably is beautiful in more ways than one. With solar panels and a concrete retaining wall, this home takes less from the earth than a typical home without taking away from the design and aesthetic appeal. 

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    Eco-Friendly Interior

    Airy spacious room with floor to ceiling windows
    Nina Edwards Anker

    If you're not ready for a totally new build, consider renovating the inside of your home in a way that is easy on our planet. This home by Nina Edwards Anker features an algae chandelier, a solar lounger, and a sofa made out of lentils. Even small changes can help bring your home into the future and protect the environment at the same time.

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    Modern and Beautiful

    Eco friendly home with lots of windows

    This home by Holst is a net-zero energy home that takes us into the future in more ways than one. Not only is it built sustainably, but its modern design with wide-open windows brings nature indoors, making the surrounding environment a de facto component of its design scheme. Plus, this super-insulated building uses 90% less energy than a typical home

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    Modular Living Quarters

    Eco-friendly modular home


    This off-the-grid modular home from Little_h_Farm is proof that the future is sustainability. With the use of solar, battery-powered electric, and water tanks, this house is fully off-grid. Though it has a small footprint, the smart design feels open and roomy.

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    Using Nature's Thermometer

    House with wide windows and wood slat roof

    Another home that focuses on integrating nature, this house from Modscape features moveable timber battened screens that help it to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Eco-friendly homes often use passive heating and cooling to save on electricity usage and allow mother nature to do the job of heating and cooling the home. 

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    Think Outside the Box

    Eco-friendly house with scale siding
    Maynard Architects

    This sustainable multi-family home by Maynard Architects is perfect for multi-generational families, and will shelter many people for years to come. Made with double-stud walls and bulk insulation as well as solar panels and adjustable sun shading, this home is not only earth-friendly, but it's also incredibly unique in design and adaptability.

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    Think Tiny

    Kitchen in a tiny home
    Tailored Tiny Co.

    One of the most popular ways to go green today is to go smaller. This tiny home by Tailored Tiny Co. has just enough of what you need, without the excess stuff you don't. Set against the mountains, this tiny home is incredibly luxurious, with high-end sustainable features that don't leave a large footprint (carbon or otherwise). It's on wheels, so it's easy to move without the need for new materials or renovations.

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    Beauty and Function

    Eco-friendly home with lots of windows
    Baa Studio Architecture

    This home from Baa Studio Architecture reminds one of a treehouse in the very best way. It's perched in the trees, giving it the feel of sitting atop the rest of the world. Though it has a small footprint, every inch is intelligently used and planned. When it comes to eco-friendly homes, less is not necessarily better, but smarter design and better planning reduces waste and ensures that every inch is used.

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    A Modern Mountain Home

    Large wooden house with metal roofing
    Johnson Design Group

    This home by Johnson Design Group reminds us of a mountain chalet of the future. This sustainable home features passive ventilation, geothermal HVAC, and intentional design that allows the sun to light the home during the day. It's large, but it's made to take as little from the environment as possible. Eco-friendly doesn't have to mean living tiny, but rather making changes to avoid draining our planet's resources.

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    A Container Home

    Large home made from shipping containers
    The Gosselin Group

    Made from several steel shipping containers, this stunning design from The Gosselin Group is proof that almost every material can find a new life again. The open design is airy, modern, and unique, and feels anything but industrial.