Eco-Strong Double Decker Feeder

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Eco-Strong Double Decker Feeder
Eco-Strong Double Decker Feeder. Melissa Mayntz

Thinking of platform feeders conjures up images of drab, basic bird feeding trays, but not so with the Eco-Strong Double Decker Feeder from Duncraft. This feeder's innovative two-tier design has subtle aesthetic beauty to enhance any bird feeding station, with a generous capacity to suit large, hungry flocks. Durable and versatile, this feeder is sure to be a hit with both birds and birders.


  • Large capacity and open, two-tiered design ensures that many birds can be accommodated with ease.
  • Durable construction can easily withstand even severe weather and heavy use without damage or degradation.
  • Subtle textures, graceful lines and earth-tone colors give the feeder natural beauty that will blend into any garden design.


  • Due to the large size, the feeder can be heavy to lift and hang, but the open design is easy to refill without needing to take the entire feeder up and down.
  • Platforms have only minimal drainage and drain holes can clog easily. Birders would do best to only have a 1-2 day supply of food available in the feeder at once.
  • Lacks any squirrel-deterrent features other than its sturdy construction, but extra baffles can easily be added if desired.


  •  Name: Eco-Strong Double Decker Feeder (Item #4384)
  •  Manufacturer/Retailer: Duncraft
  •  Feeder Type: Hanging platform/tray
  •  Height: 16.25" (41.5 cm) to the top of the integrated hanging hooks; hanging chain adds an extra 18.75" (47.7 cm)
  •  Width: 10.0" (25.4 cm) x 11.0" (28.0 cm)
  •  Capacity: 1-3 cups per platform, depending on type of seed or foods offered
  •  Construction: Recycled plastic, galvanized metal chain, metal screws
  •  Price: $89.95 (USD) – via Duncraft; prices from other retailers may vary

Review – Eco-Strong Double Decker Feeder

Platform feeders are often simple, basic trays that, while they are easy and accessible, are not always the most attractive feeders in the yard.

The Eco-Strong Double Decker Feeder, however, has a wood grain texture with a rich brown structure topped with an elegant fir-green roof and platform edges. These subtle colors give the feeder a gentle tone ideal for any yard, and the faux wood texture creates the look of natural materials. The large side panels are softly curved for graceful appeal.

More than just a lovely addition to the yard, this feeder is practical as well. Made of durable recycled plastic with 1/2-inch (1.3 cm) widths on all panels, side bars and roof lines, the feeder is sturdy and will not warp, discolor or crack even with heavy use and weathering. The thickness of the plastic and the curved corners resist chewing by industrious wildlife and will not be scratched by birds' talons.

Both inner trays are 8 inches (20.2 cm) square to provide ample feeding space for an entire flock of small birds, and more than a few larger guests. The trays are .62 inches (1.5 cm) deep, making them versatile to hold 1-3 cups of seed or grain, though the feeder may also be used for a variety of other foods, including nuts, suet nuggets, dried mealworms or fruit. This allows the feeder to be used year-round, even as birds' dietary preferences change seasonally.

The platforms only have minimal drainage, however – small corner crops that will allow some water to filter away, but could easily become blocked by loose seed or discarded hulls. If such blockage occurs, the sides of the feeder are tight enough to hold water, soaking any remaining seed. Regular cleaning of the feeder can easily minimize this drawback.

All sides of the feeder are open to allow easy access to the feeding platforms. The roof overhang on the front and back of the top platform is steep enough to keep large birds away without restricting smaller finches, though larger birds can access the top platform through the generous open sides. The roof's pitch is also steep enough to minimize snow buildup, and the minor overhang provides minimal protection against inclement weather.

Two eye hooks are securely attached to the roof's peak for easy, sturdy hanging.

A galvanized metal chain is included, with a broad large enough to be used with any feeder pole hanging system. The hook could also be hung over branches up to approximately one inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. Using much smaller branches is not recommended, as the feeder's weight could bend or break more delicate branches, particularly when filled or being agitated by a feeding flock.

The feeder is designed to be hung only, and lacks any legs that would permit it to be used on the ground without turf damage. It could easily be set on a deck, bench or table, however, if hanging is not desired. When hung, the double eye hook attachments help minimize any swaying and keep the feeder level so spills are reduced.

With a generous capacity, superior construction and a time-honored design for easy bird feeding, the Eco-Strong Double Decker Feeder is a great option for any birder, and is sturdy and functional enough to grace any backyard feeding station for years.

Photo – Feeder (Duncraft); Interior, Logo © Melissa Mayntz

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