Ecoegg and Ecoegg Stain Remover Product Review

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Did you know that there are two Queens in the United Kingdom? Kim Woodburn is the resident Queen of Clean. She endorses all Ecoegg products and her smiling face is quite prominent on packaging along with her trademark, "Trust me my love, this really works!"

It must be good to be Queen.

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Ecoegg and Ecoegg Stain Remover

The Ecoegg is a hard plastic container that is filled with two types of cleaning pellets that is placed directly in your washer as a substitute for liquid or powdered laundry detergent.

The Ecoegg uses tourmaline ceramic pellets to break the attraction between soil and fabric and mineral pellets that ionize the oxygen molecules in the water to lift away dirt and grime.

Ecoegg ingredients listed on the package:

  • Anionic surfactants
  • Non-ionic surfactants
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Sodium metasilicate
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Perfume

The Ecoegg is sold with the hard plastic egg and enough pellets to last for 720 wash loads. It is less expensive to use than most liquid, powder or single dose detergents. To use, place the Ecoegg into the washer on top of your laundry load and wash as usual. The egg should not be used with the gentle cycle or with water temperatures over 140 degrees F. The egg must have plenty of water and room to circulate within the load.

The Ecoegg can be used with any stain remover, fabric softener or water softener. It is safe to use with septic systems. Ecoegg can also be used for handwashing by pre-soaking the egg in water for 20 minutes and then handwash with the egg still in the water.

After use, the Ecoegg should be removed from the washer and allowed to air dry. Never put the egg in a dryer. The egg does not need to be dried out between loads if they are done one right after another.

Ecoegg Stain Remover is recommended for use with the Ecoegg laundry egg for removing tough stains like grease, coffee, grass and body soil.

The stain remover comes in a tube and is paste-like in consistency. Recommendations are to rub the paste into the stain and allow it to work for ten minutes before washing the garment.

Ecoegg Stain Remover ingredients listed on the package:

  • Water
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Sodium Dodecylbenzene sulfonate
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Zealite
  • Sodium Hydroxide

The Story of Ecoegg Ltd.

Ecoegg Laundry Eggs are distributed by Ecoegg Ltd. in Maidstone, Kent in the United Kingdom. The company also sells Ecoegg Dryer Balls, Eco Stain Remover and Detox Tablets for cleaning washers. Their products are not tested on animals and the packaging is made from responsible sources and is approved by Forestry Stewardship Council.

The Ecoegg products are widely available in the United Kingdom and available worldwide through

Product Review and Laundry Recommendations

I have reviewed a couple of similar laundry ball products so I was familiar with the concept. Ecoegg is simple to use and when compared to the cost of many detergents, it is less expensive.

When used with laundry, the clothes came out smelling fresh and feeling soft without the addition of fabric softener. However, stains like tomato sauce, ground-in garden dirt and oil did not come out.

When I rewashed these garments after using the Ecoegg Stain Remover, the stains did come out.

I would recommend the Ecoegg for those who have lightly soiled laundry. For families with children and stains, an additional product like the Ecoegg Stain Remover or another brand is necessary to achieve clean laundry.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.