Great Lamaze Toys for Babies in 2018

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Babies learn to do so much in their first few months of life, it is so amazing to watch. It is so important to have a variety of toys for babies under 1 during playtime. Babies need to develop a foundation of skills, which helps them to complete more challenging skills, months maybe even years later.

These new Lamaze toys for babies are carefully designed to have bright colors, different textures and many sounds that babies can explore with their eyes, hands, feet and mouths!

Many of these great...MORE toys are not expensive, and they are priceless. Many include features that will grow with a child through this important physical and emotional phase of their life. They are durable and well made, lasting families through the births of many children before being passed on. 

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    The musical Octopus toy from Lamaze is named Octotunes! It has 8 legs which when pulled or squeezed make 8 different musical sounds. Many babies love musical instruments. While parents will need to activate the music for younger infants, older toddlers can definitely be in control of the "orchestra" when they are ready!

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    The  Lamaze Mix and Match Caterpillar is full of bright colors and fun textures. Babies will love exploring the ribbons, knots and tags with their fingers and mouth. Each segment of the caterpillar is actually a smaller toys that attaches with velcro.  Kids who are gaining more dexterity or fine motor control can pull the pieces apart and re-attach them, to create a unique caterpillar.

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    Reading is so important for babies. Listening to a parent or caregiver read the words to a story or label items in their daily environment can help babies learn to make sounds, and eventually speak new words. Soft sensory books are easy to travel with. They can be placed in the washing machine if a baby should frequently drool during times of teething or spit up on the toy. 

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    ​It does not take long for a parent to realize the value of a clip toy. These multi-sensory toys clip to other items like activity arches, car seats and diaper bags. They can be bought in many different themes that include a pig, moose, firefly, dragon, dinosaur, toucan, giraffes, pirates, puppies and people. These toys include lots of ribbons and knots for babies to explore. 

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    Cause and effect toys are magical for little ones. This means, when a baby uses their hands or feet to touch the toy, something exciting happens. The toy might light up or play music. Babies enjoy repetition. They quickly learn over time that they are in control of their actions. Playing with toys like the chime garden are really helpful to teach young children about problem solving skills.

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    An important developmental milestone is when babies begin to notice their hands. Wearing a wrist rattle brings awareness to their hands. Wearing a foot rattle is also important to bring awareness to their feet, but it can build up those tummy muscles needed for rolling and crawling, too.

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    Finding the right activity gym for your baby, that also fits the space in the home, is important. Play gyms do not need to be large or fancy, many have the same features. The Lamaze monkey activity gym has an arch that baby likes to lie under, they use their arms to reach up and hit dangling toys. As kids learn to sit up, they also can still use their arch, too. They are a great place for tummy time and can easily be washed.

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    Many busy families are on-the-go. Taking walks, trips to the mall, grocery store or attending family events. Having travel toys for babies is important to keep them entertained. These monkey links can be attached to any kind of baby gear imaginable, including strollers, car seats, baby carriers, exersaucers and high chairs.

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    This soft shape sorter from Lamaze is more suited for older babies above 9 months. They love to play with the soft blocks and as they get older, putting them in and out of the container. Many children eventually notice that the toy in their hand has a shape that matches the opening and try really hard to figure out these great first puzzles

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