Everything to Know About the Edwardian House Style

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Though the Edwardian era was over 100 years ago, Edwardian style houses continue to be popular today. You may have come across these houses in the UK, the United States, Canada, or Australia, especially if visiting a major city.

But what exactly is Edwardian architecture, and why is it so unique? Here, you will find more insight regarding what makes this style of home special, how it varies from its cousin, the Victorian style home, why Edwardian homes are still so beloved today, and more.

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  • Artem Kropovinsky is an interior designer and the founder of Arsight, an interior design studio based in New York, NY. 
  • Lauren Ibarra is a senior associate at GTM Architects in Bethesda, MD.
  • Richard Fung is the owner of Forever Homes in London, Ontario, Canada.
edwardian homes attached

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What Is an Edwardian House?

Edwardian houses refer to homes built during King Edward's reign, which was from 1901 to 1910. Edwardian houses are similar to Victorian homes—which came slightly before—in some ways but are overall less ornate and more airy in design. They have a history of being seen as homes for the wealthy and are therefore considered to be grand and ideal for entertaining.

Variations of Edwardian Houses

There are actually many variations of Edwardian houses, which include semi-detached, detached, terraced, bungalows, and flats. These homes vary in structure and size. Detached homes stand on their own, while semi-detached houses are attached to another home on one side. Terraced houses are attached to another home on both sides. These homes are always at least two stories high. Bungalows, another type of Edwardian house, are one single story. Flats, also known as apartments, are units located within larger buildings.

Where Edwardian Houses Originated

Edwardian houses originated in the UK, where they are still quite popular today, but also came about in San Francisco, where they are also still present. However, this style of home can be found all over the world, which we will explore in further detail below.

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Why Edwardian Houses Are Popular

Edwardian houses are popular due to their spaciousness, ornate detailing, nature materials, and timelessness, explains Artem Kropovinsky, an interior designer and founder of Arsight.

"These features make them ideal for families or people who entertain often," Kropovinsky says.

"People love [Edwardian houses] for their charm and hand-crafted details," Lauren Ibarra, senior associate at GTM Architects, says. Anyone who appreciates a home with character and flair will enjoy living in an Edwardian house.

Another reason Edwardian houses are so appealing is due to their reputation historically. Richard Fung, owner of Forever Homes in London, Ontario, Canada, says that when Edwardian houses were first built, they were designed for the wealthy and maintain a sense of sophistication.

"Edwardian houses are considered a symbol of elegance and prosperity of the early 20th century," Fung says. "People still love their grand and luxurious appearance."

Edwardian homes were also advanced for the time, which made them even more appealing.

"They were designed to fulfill the needs of royal families, with central heating, indoor plumbing, and numerous other modern amenities," Fung says.

Edwardian vs. Victorian Houses

Edwardian and Victorian homes certainly have some similar characteristics, given that the Edwardian period followed the Victorian era. However, there are some key differences between these two home styles.

"Houses during the Edwardian period show a departure from the overly ornate and stuffy," says Ibarra.

They are also more airy in style—rooms are larger with tall ceilings and an abundance of light due to double hung windows. Additionally, as Fung says, the interior of an Edwardian home is a bit more open and flexible, with more of an emphasis on the informal living spaces. Plus, he adds, Edwardian homes generally have symmetrical facades and front-facing gable roofs.

Where You Can Find Edwardian Houses

Edwardian houses are popular in several places throughout the world. There are many in the UK as well as in the United States, Canada, and Australia. According to Kropovinsky, Edwardian homes are especially prevalent within major cities in the aforementioned nations—such as London, Sydney, Toronto, and more. In the United States, San Francisco is one such city that is home to many Edwardian houses.

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