9 Free Halloween Needlepoint Patterns to Stitch Throughout The Year

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    Pumpkin Head Halloween Costume Needlepoint Chart

    pumpkin head halloween needlepoint chart image
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Add the perfect touch to your child’s Halloween costume by stitching a pumpkin head clothing applique with this free needlepoint chart. The fun 3.57-inch by 6.86-inch needlepoint design, charted for 14-mesh canvas, is a low-cost way to add a one-of-a-kind finishing touch to a Halloween outfit.

    You can also adjust the needlepoint pattern to fit any size canvas mesh. It’s also quick to work up with only a few stray strands of green, orange and brown threads that you have tucked away in your...MORE needlepoint stash.

    Stitching Tips

    Select a piece of needlepoint canvas that fits the size project you plan to make. If you intend to applique the finished needlepoint on to clothing, you need only have enough to complete the design. However, if you plan to make the finished needlepoint into a stuffed figure or a Halloween decorating item, then you will need to have two inches of blank canvas on all four sides in addition to what you will need for the design area itself.

    If you are using 14-mesh canvas, you will need to stitch with two strands of Persian wool and as many as four strands of cotton embroidery floss or silk.

    Although you can work the majority of the stitches in this needlepoint pattern with tent or continental, there is room for a bit of experimentation in the pumpkin head design motif as well as the tunic top. For example, you could work the entire pumpkin head in a Scallop Bargello pattern with orange thread, and then outline or back-stitch the grooves in dark brown before working the eyes and mouth in French Knots.

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    Eerie Tombstone Needlepoint Chart for Halloween

    tombstone for halloween needlepoint chart
    Althea R. DeBrule

    If you're looking for a tombstone motif for Halloween decorating, then here is a free needlepoint chart you may wish to download and stitch. You can quickly make the 3.57-inch by 4.64-inch pattern since it only has 50 stitches wide and 65 stitches high.

    DMC Light Effects stranded embroidery floss will make the tombstone look eerie and show it off to its best advantage. Consider purchasing a few skeins of silver, pewter and ebony shades. Use regular stranded cotton floss for the grass and...MORE background fill areas. You can find this specialty thread at most craft stores or your local needlepoint shop or online.

    The strategic placement of the finished needlepoint design in the midst of your Halloween decor will go a long way in setting a ghostly mood for trick-or-treaters or a party. If you've stitched other Halloween designs, convert a standard small doll house into a haunted house and put the tombstone out in front amidst artificial grass.

    Feel free to adjust and adapt the needlepoint pattern to create your Halloween designs. It would look great as part of a larger needlepoint collage.

    To Work the Design

    Center the tombstone motif on canvas by following the guides on the needlepoint chart. Work an outline first; and then fill in with thread and your choice of stitch technique. If using the glow-in-the-dark thread selection, it is recommended that you work the tent or continental stitches to showcase the eeriness of the thread colors.

    Use as many strands of thread as needed to cover the canvas correctly. For #13 or #14-mesh canvas, you will need to use all six strands.

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    Frankenstein Monster Needlepoint Chart

    Frankenstein monster needlepoint chart
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Work a zombie-like Frankenstein needlepoint monster for your Halloween party this year. The 2.86-inch by 6.71-inch design features a cartoon-style adaptation of the famous monster that is 40 stitches wide and 94 stitches high.

    You can spend one or two pleasurable hours stitching this Halloween design, and the finished needlepoint will be just the thing for a scary needlework stand-up figure in a haunted house decorating scheme.

    No matter how many projects you make with this needlepoint design, no...MORE two will ever be the same--especially if you use supplies you already have on hand and try out interesting stitch techniques. You can also enlarge or reduce the design as desired by choosing different size canvas mesh.

    Before You Start

    Don't be intimidated by the number of colors in the free needlepoint chart and their subtle shadings. Feel free to substitute overdyed threads that have several carefully graded shades of the same color already included in the same skein.

    Metallic threads, stranded silk or cotton as well as numerous other synthetic and novelty threads would work well in this Halloween needlepoint project.

    Even though this is a scraps-from-stash needlepoint project, you still should use good quality materials to get professional-looking results and to ensure that the finished needlepoint will last for many years.

    Stitching the Needlepoint Project

    Finding and marking the center of the canvas is essential for correctly placing the first stitch of this needlepoint design. It is easiest to start in the middle of the Frankenstein monster by making a few stitches to anchor the thread, and then working outward in any direction until the whole design is complete. The background fill should be worked last.

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    Super-Fast Free Halloween Bat Needlepoint Pattern

    halloween bat needlepoint chart image
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Celebrate Halloween and trick-or-treating with this super-fast and easy free bat needlepoint pattern. The simple needlepoint project is perfect for beginners and last minute Halloween items. It's an ideal one to teach kids and interested adults how to needlepoint.

    The uncomplicated needlepoint design measures 3.57 inches wide by 2.14 inches high. Once you start stitching, it will only take 60 minutes (or less depending on your stitching speed) to complete.

    The completed needlework can be finished...MORE into a variety of items including a stand-up figure, Halloween mobile or applique for a favor bag that will make your Halloween party stand apart from those hosted by friends and neighbors.

    Each stitcher finds excitement in working needlepoint projects in creatively different ways. For example, you can work a larger Halloween project by combining this needlepoint design with other seasonal pattern favorites to create a festive wall hanging or scary pillow.

    Working the Needlepoint Project

    1. Download a copy of the free Halloween Bat Needlepoint Pattern and then raid your stash for several strands of black three-ply Persian or single ply tapestry wool and a few strands of deep purple stranded cotton, silk or wool threads to use in working this pattern.
    2. Select scrap pieces of good quality needlepoint canvas in your choice of mesh size or plastic canvas if you wish a three-dimensional effect. Use the canvas mesh size to enlarge the needlepoint design rather than adding more rows of background fill.
    3. Attach the canvas to stretcher bars if you plan to use fancy needlepoint stitches; otherwise, work the the project in your hands.
    4. Follow the needlepoint chart for color placement and carefully count the stitches needed to work the bat outline on canvas.
    5. Once the outline has been worked, fill in the remaining area with your choice of decorative needlepoint stitches. This project is perfect for building your stitch repertoire.
    6. If the thread begins to wear due to repeated stitching in and out of the canvas, cut it off and throw it away. Don't continue to stitch with worn thread as this will make the needlepoint bat look dull and uninteresting.
    7. Clip the thread and weave in all ends to set the stitches in place.
    8. Add some beads and Halloween-themed ribbon to embellish the stitched bat before final finishing.

    Finishing Ideas

    Here are a few suggestions and helpful hints to add your special finishing touches to the stitched needlepoint.

    • Make a set of four festive bat coasters to use throughout the month of October and especially on Halloween or for pumpkin carving and haunted house events.
    • Accent a Halloween costume by stitching the project on waste canvas and sewing the completed needlepoint on a sleeve, pocket or upper chest.
    • Finish the bat into a needlepoint ornament for a spooky bare-branch Halloween tree.
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    Stitch a Life-Like Needlepoint Mummy for Halloween

    halloween mummy-needlepoint-chart
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Use this free chart to work a life-like needlepoint mummy that is almost as tall as a half sheet of letter size paper (5.36 inches by 8.50 inches). With 75 stitches wide and 119 stitches high, you will need a couple of evenings or a weekend to finish the needlepoint project using the tent or continental stitches.

    However, the uncomplicated design is quite versatile, and with a little imagination and a picture of a genuine mummy, you could work other stitch patterns to simulate strips of cloth.

    To...MORE Work the Needlepoint Design

    Before you start, download, save and print a color copy of the Mummy Needlepoint Chart. It is easier to work the mummy pattern on #14-mesh canvas rather than try to enlarge it further or reduce the size.

    If you choose to work with basic needlepoint stitches, start from the center of the pattern and work outwards. You should keep a tapestry needle threaded for each color you plan to use because of the small areas and the frequent color changes needed to make the mummy come to life.

    If using other stitch patterns to work the design, it is helpful to make an outline around the whole mummy motif first. You can then use the shape as a guide for placing the other stitches you have chosen.

    To Finish the Needlework

    Finish the mummy into a small needlepoint pillow or a framed picture— especially if you have embellished it with beads, small strips of cloth or hanging strands of thread.

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    Halloween Witch Hat and Broom Needlepoint Chart

    Witch Hat and Broom Halloween Needlepoint Design
    Witch Hat and Broom Halloween Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule

    Dazzle your Halloween party guests with needlepoint witch hat and broom invitations worked on black or orange perforated paper canvas with cotton embroidery floss and novelty threads. Stitch the needlepoint design as many times as you need, and then insert it into pre-finished solid black blank greeting cards made especially for needlework.

    These cards are available in a variety of colors and different sizes and window openings. Embellish the finished card with black and orange ribbons and...MORE Halloween stickers. Party guests will be able to admire and display the needlepoint invitation at future Halloween festivities.

    Changing the Pattern Size

    The easy-to-work pattern can be enlarged or reduced by changing the mesh size of the needlepoint canvas. Just remember that the number of stitches wide and high indicated on the design chart divided by the canvas mesh size determines the final size of a needlepoint piece.

    The 3.57-inch by 3.29-inch needlepoint witch broom and hat design is 50 stitches wide and 46 stitches high.

    Stitching the Halloween Needlepoint Project

    There are dozens of needlepoint stitches you can choose to work the easy design. Some are more decorative and detailed than others. Just select those you are familiar with and that work up quickly so that you can finish the needlepoint project in 90 minutes or less in time for your Halloween party.

    Have a good supply of different size tapestry needles on hand to work the design color by color as you fill in the details. Since you will be working with several colors, thread several needles with a different color in each before you start to stitch the project, so they are ready when you need to change colors.

    Use the stitching method you prefer. Depending on stitch selection, you may need to use a roller frame to keep the canvas stretched as firmly as possible.

    Add a few metallic threads to accent the hat and broom. Work a white brick needlepoint stitch background after all other motifs have been completed. Consider personalizing the design with a needlepoint alphabet monogram or a “Happy Halloween” greeting.

    Finishing Tips

    Once you finish stitching several witch broom and hat designs for your invitations, you may be tempted to insert them into the Halloween party invitations right away. But, they are not finished until you've secured any loose thread tails on the back of the canvas.

    You will not need to block the needlepoint if it was stitched on perforated paper canvas. Simply cut the paper around the entire needlework a few "mesh threads" from the actual stitching.

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    Monster Spider Needlepoint Pattern

    purple spider for halloween needlepoint chart
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Creepy spiders in out-of-this-world colors are all the rage at Halloween, and this free needlepoint chart fits in well with the spooky craze. The small 3.57-inch by 2.93-inch design size makes it ideal for stitching at the last minute for Halloween decorating.

    The interesting needlepoint project offers a wealth of crazy ideas. You could turn the finished needlework into a refrigerator magnet to hold a Halloween shopping list; or work several beverage coasters and applique the spider motif on a...MORE treat or party favor bags.

    Stitching the Monster Spider Needlepoint Pattern

    The monster spider needlepoint design is easy to stitch once you have it correctly positioned on the canvas. First, work out the spacing of spider motif.

    The design area is 50 stitches wide and 41 stitches high. The best position is in the center of the needlepoint or waste canvas— especially if you are working it as an applique or patch.

    The spider can be worked in either the colors on the needlepoint chart or in a color scheme of your choosing that matches the Halloween decorations in your home.

    Embellish the finished needlework with a black ribbon attached to the top to simulate a spider web. Add tiny black beads for the eyes and place the spider in a web nest made from angel hair or wispy cotton.

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    Spooky Halloween Skull Needlepoint Chart

    Halloween Skull Needlepoint Chart
    Althea DeBrule

    You know how important first impressions can be when preparing for a Halloween party or event. To make a lasting favorable impression, dress up your house for Halloween with a window ornament made from this free skull needlepoint chart. It makes a welcome change to the traditional ghosts, witches, and bats decorating homes at Halloween.

    The skull needlepoint pattern features a 3.57-inch by 3.64-inch design that can be worked on #13-mesh or larger mono needlepoint canvas with surplus threads from...MORE other Halloween projects. The quick and easy design can be stitched in a few moments of your spare time without spending a lot of money for additional materials and needlepoint supplies.

    Needlepoint Stitching Ideas

    Here are a few practical ideas and tips on how to make sure your needlepoint skull is as spooky as possible.

    • Purchase a piece of dyed or brown needlepoint canvas to produce an old and worn effect. Many needlepoint shops sell remnants or small cuts of pre-dyed specialty canvas in a variety of colors for Halloween stitching. Or, for those who like to do-it-themselves, immerse blank white canvas into a bath made from strong brewed tea leaves and let it dry thoroughly to get the same result.
    • Create an eerie effect by using novelty needlepoint threads. Consider ones that glow in the dark or those with uneven textures. Blend dull brown and gray shades to make the skull look washed out and ghostly. A faded effect can be created by placing two different-colored threads in the tapestry needle at the same time.
    • Use deep brown or off black colors for the eye sockets to make them look mysterious.
    • Apply padding around the brow of the skull and stitch over it with your choice of thread to make the eye sockets appear sunken.

    Additional Finishing Suggestions

    1. Beverage Coaster - Since the skull needlepoint design is almost square-shaped being only 50 inches wide and 51 inches high, consider slightly extending it one row and turning the completed needlepoint into a coaster for your Halloween party.
    2. Halloween Tree Ornament - Establish a tradition of decorating a ghostly Halloween tree by making the skull needlepoint design your first ornament. Use black velvet or satin fabric backing for the ornament and orange and black ribbon to trim around the finished piece and for hanging on the tree.
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    Get This Free Weird Wacky Werewolf Needlepoint Chart

    werewolf needlepoint chart
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Scary Monsters are some of the main symbols of Halloween and themes of scary movies. This Werewolf Monster Needlepoint Chart features one of the cutest scary monsters you'll want to stitch for any occasion.

    The 3.57-inch square design can be completed in a jiffy and would make a fun beverage coaster or clothing patch. And the best thing about it is that you can change the monster to suit your taste and occasion by altering the colors, enlarging certain body parts like the hands or feet, or doing...MORE whatever your imagination wishes in making it an original creation!

    Pull Out All the Leftovers

    Gather your materials and make your werewolf as cute or ugly by choosing odd color combinations from leftover threads and fibers in your needlepoint supply stash. Even the tiniest scraps of thread can be used to make the werewolf look realistic.

    When you run out of thread, add the next scrap piece you've selected to give the monster a distinctive and mangy appearance. You may find that you already have everything you need on hand to stitch the project.

    Use durable threads along with fancy stitch techniques to create textured monsters. For example, the long-and-short, stem or split stitch will make a furry monster when worked in Persian Yarn. Try adding bumpy textured threads as well to see what special effects you can create.

    Working the Needlepoint Pattern

    Work the pattern on either a larger or a smaller size canvas to increase or reduce the size of the finished design. The result will be a needlepoint monster that fits and complements your Halloween or scary decor.

    Stick to the needlepoint charted size on #13-mesh mono canvas to quickly finish the project for last minute holiday or special occasion gift-giving.

    Use the basketweave tent needlepoint stitch everywhere except for the werewolf itself. This stitch will make the monster stand out, and the background appear to recede.

    Work the outline stitch with one or two strands of embroidery floss in a contrasting color around the werewolf after stitching. When going around a curve, try to make the stitches a little smaller to get a continuous clean line.