Do the Mummy: Free Egyptian Themed Cross Stitch Patterns

Free Egyptian Themed Cross Stitch Patterns

Design © Connie G. Barwick
Design © Connie G. Barwick

Do you have a fan of Egyptology in your life?  Why not check out these free Egypt themed cross stitch patterns. You don't have to worry about a curse when you stitch up these patterns and your mummy will love them! These patterns will stand the test of time and I'm sure will be a great archaeological find for centuries to come. 

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    An Ankh is known as the breath of life. It has a rich history and can be found in most Egyptian artwork and gods.The ankh is still used as a symbol of life today. You can  stitch the piece in one color as this design is simple enough for a beginner. Use variegated floss to make it more challenging for a long-time stitcher. 

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    The Eye of Ra was painted on boats of Egyptian fishermen for protection. It is also known as the Eye of Horus. It is the personification of a goddess. Stitch your own version to add some protection and interest to your home. Use gold metallic floss on dark fabric for a real eye-opener of a project.

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    Horus is the Egyptian falcon-headed god. This symbol is similar to the Eye of Ra. Both were used as symbols of protection. This is a very popular image throughout history. It is also used as a symbol for good heath and royal power. Funeral amulets also used this symbol as a sign of protection in the after world.  

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    Coptic Cross Pattern

    Design © Connie G. Barwick
    Design © Connie G. Barwick

    In Egypt, a percentage of the people are Coptic Christians. This cross is frequently used as a symbol of that faith. It is popular with Orthodox Church of Alexandria. The church was established by Saint Mark and about 10% of Christians in Egypt belong to this church. This would be a beautiful gift for the church of a follower of this religion. 

These free Egyptian themed cross stitch patterns are a great addition for any home or office. You can stitch the pattern up for a gift and also offer up a history lesson about Egypt. It is a great way to teach and stitch.