Eisenhower (Ike) Dollar Values & Prices

How Much Is My Eisenhower Dollar Worth?

The Eisenhower
The Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar. Image Copyright: © 2014 James Bucki

This guide is will give you an idea of how much your Eisenhower Dollars (also called Ike Silver Dollars) minted from 1971 to 1978 are worth.  The chart below provides average coin prices and values based upon the grade of the coin. 

The Market for Eisenhower Dollars

Eisenhower dollars never circulated widely in the United States but were used quite frequently in the casinos out west. There were many special strikings marketed especially to coin collectors.

Although they do not circulate anymore, occasionally people will bring rolls of them into their local bank to exchange for paper money. Therefore, uncirculated coins sell for  a premium over the circulated coins.

Key Dates, Rarities and Varieties

The following Eisenhower dollars, command a small premium above the more common Eisenhower dollars. 

1972 Type 2 Reverse Uncirculated

1976 Bicentennial Type 1 & 2 Reverse 

(Note: This is not rare nor is it a key date, but there are two different varieties. Notice the difference in the thickness of the lettering in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Click on the image below to view a larger image.)

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Condition or Grade

If your coin is worn and looks similar to the one illustrated in the link below, it is considered a circulated coin.

If your coin looks similar to the one illustrated in the link below and has no evidence of wear due to being in circulation, it is considered an uncirculated coin.

Mint Marks

Eisenhower (Ike) Dollars were produced at three different mints: Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D) and San Francisco (S).

 As illustrated in the photo in the link below, the mint mark is located on the  obverse of the coin, just below the truncation of President Eisenhower's portrait and just above the date.

Eisenhower Dollars Average Prices and Values

The following table lists the buy price (what you can expect to pay to a dealer to purchase the coin) and sell value (what you can expect a dealer to pay you if you sell the coin). The first column lists the date and mint mark (see the photo above) followed by the buy price and the sell value for an average circulated Eisenhower (Ike) Dollar.  The next two columns list the buy price and the sell value for an average uncirculated. These are approximate retail prices and wholesale values. The actual offer you receive from a particular coin dealer will vary depending on the actual grade of the coin and a number of other factors that determine its worth.

Date & MintCirculated Uncirculated
BuySell BuySell
1971$1.80F.V. $5.00$3.50
1971-D$1.80F.V. $5.10$3.60
1971-S Silver$6.70B.V. $12.50$8.80
1971-S Slv. Proof Proof-- $12.50$9.00
1971-S Slv. Pr Cameo Proof-- $14.40$10.30
1971-S Slv. Pr Deep Cameo Proof-- $16.00$11.00
1972 Type 1-- $16.00$12.00
1972 Type 2 *-- $90.00$60.00
1972 Type 3$1.80F.V. $11.40$7.80
1972-D$1.80F.V. $4.30$3.00
1972-S Silver$6.30B.V. $12.60$9.10
1972-S Slv. Proof Proof-- $13.40$9.80
1972-S Slv. Pr Cameo Proof-- $15.00$11.00
1972-S Slv. Pr Deep Cameo Proof-- $15.00$11.00
1973$2.20F.V. $10.30$6.90
1973-D$2.40F.V. $9.70$7.00
1973-S Silver$6.10B.V. $11.50$7.80
1973-S Slv. Proof Proof-- $13.00$9.40
1973-S Slv. Pr Cameo Proof-- $14.80$10.80
1973-S Slv. Pr Deep Cameo Proof-- $20.00$14.00
1973-S Cl. Proof Proof-- $7.20$5.20
1973-S Cl. Pr Cameo Proof-- $8.50$6.00
1973-S Cl. Pr Deep Cam Proof-- $11.20$7.40
1974$1.80F.V. $5.10$3.50
1974-D$1.80F.V. $4.40$3.00
1974-S Silver$6.50B.V. $12.00$8.50
1974-S Slv. Proof Proof-- $12.60$8.60
1974-S Slv. Pr Cameo Proof-- $13.70$9.20
1974-S Slv. Pr Deep Cameo Proof-- $15.00$11.00
1974-S Cl. Proof Proof-- $7.20$4.80
1974-S Cl. Pr Cameo Proof-- $7.70$5.10
1974-S Cl. Pr Deep Cam Proof-- $9.30$6.50
Date & MintCirculated Uncirculated
BuySell BuySell
1976 Type 1$1.80F.V. $7.30$5.10
1976 Type 2$1.80F.V. $4.70$3.40
1976-D Type 1$1.80F.V. $6.10$4.40
1976-D Type 2$1.80F.V. $4.80$3.30
1976-S Cl. Pr Type 1 Proof-- $7.20$5.20
1976-S Cl. Pr Type 1 Cam Proof-- $8.30$5.50
1976-S Cl. Pr Type 1 Deep Cam Proof-- $9.60$6.60
1976-S Cl. Pr Type 2 Proof-- $6.90$5.00
1976-S Cl. Pr Type 2 Cam Proof-- $7.60$5.60
1976-S Cl. Pr Type 2 Deep Cam Proof-- $8.80$6.20
1976-S Silver$6.70B.V. $11.70$8.50
1976-S Slv. Proof Proof-- $13.20$9.00
1976-S Slv. Pr Cameo Proof-- $14.60$10.70
1976-S Slv. Pr Deep Cam Proof-- $15.00$10.00
1977$1.80F.V. $4.70$3.20
1977-D$1.80F.V. $4.70$3.40
1977-S Cl. Proof Proof-- $7.30$5.10
1977-S Cl. Pr Cameo Proof-- $8.80$6.50
1977-S Cl. Pr Deep Cam Proof-- $10.30$7.10
1978$1.80F.V. $4.00$2.90
1978-D$1.80F.V. $4.70$3.50
1978-S Cl. Proof Proof-- $8.50$5.70
1978-S Cl. Pr Cameo Proof-- $10.10$7.40
1978-S Cl. Pr Deep Cam Proof-- $11.00$7.30
Date-Mint Set

Total Coins: 21
$60.00$35.00 $150.00$100.00
Date Set

Total Coins: 7
$15.00$7.00 $35.00$25.00

B.V. = Bullion Value  (see: Current Intrinsic Metal Value of U.S. Silver Coins)
F.V. = Face Value
"-" (dash) = Not Applicable or not enough data exists to calculate an average price
* = See the section above "Key Dates, Rarities and Varieties" for more information on these coins.

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