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Looking for a new electric toothbrush? Perhaps you are already a big fan of using powered toothbrushes over manual ones. Or maybe you are interested in tossing out your old stick brush and giving an electric one a try. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), electric toothbrushes are great for people who have difficulty using a manual one (for example, if a condition such as arthritis makes it a challenge to brush your teeth). They’re also great for children who might find the...MORE electric one more fun to use than a manual one. Plus, since many feature automatic shut off, you’ll be sure you’ve brushed your teeth for the recommended two minutes.

Whatever your reason, there are plenty of great options available on the market right now. They come in a range of sizes, prices, and features. Some are so high-tech that they’ll even help you improve your brushing skills through bluetooth technology. Amazing, right?

Below, see some of the best electric toothbrushes available. From budget and high-end, to ones specifically designed for kids and tech-savvy consumers, here are our product recommendations, based on sales and user reviews.

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    This product from Oral-B claims our top spot for best overall electric toothbrush thanks to its cleaning power and functionality. Simple and easy to use, the brush features a cross-action design, which lets it surround each tooth for 3D cleaning as it works. There’s an in-handle timer that pulses every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch to other areas of the mouth, and sensor lights come on if you brush too hard. Plus, this electric toothbrush can remove up to 300 percent more plaque...MORE along the gum line than a regular toothbrush.

    Customers love this brush for its simplicity, reasonable price, and how well it cleans their teeth. One said they could feel the difference after just one week of using it. Another praised how easy it is to clean the toothbrush itself. Some reported issues with batteries not working well over time, but the majority would recommend it to others.

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    A bestseller in its category, this electric toothbrush from Philips Sonicare is also a great option. It features soft contoured bristles that’ll get your pearly whites spick and span, plus patented sonic technology that helps you reach that tricky spot between your teeth and gum line where plaque can build up. There’s a two-minute timer to help keep you on track for the recommended brushing time, as well as reminder bristles that will fade away when it’s time to replace the brush head. The...MORE battery will last about two weeks between charges. There’s also a two-year warranty included with the purchase.

    Dentists have recommended this particular toothbrush, and customers have seen positive effects on their teeth and gums since using it. Some even said it was like getting a professional cleaning every time they used it. It might be a little louder than pricier models — and word of warning, there have been reports of mold forming under the toothbrush head — but most people who bought it would recommend it to others. 

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    Just because a toothbrush is electric doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. You can still get a quality powered brush without breaking the bank. This one from Oral-B is a great choice for the budget-conscious. It features MicroPulse bristles that give your teeth a deep clean and remove plaque. It also has unique floss action bristles that help loosen plaque between your teeth. And there’s a two-minute timer which signals when it’s time to stop brushing.

    Many of the reviewers who have used...MORE this product likened the effect of this toothbrush to one that a dentist would use. One said that after using this, their dentist was pleased with the condition of their teeth. People also seem mostly happy with the charger, pointing out that one full charge will last for about a week. Some, however, have reported issues with it not working well or dying over time. But overall, the majority of customers who have purchased it were pleased with the product.

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    If you’re willing to spend a little extra money for a top quality electric toothbrush, this one from Philips is a great option. It can remove up to 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. And it has a deep clean mode that lets you get to those trouble areas all while staying gentle on your gums. There are also built-in pressure sensor alerts that tell you when you’re brushing too hard. And if you hate germs, you’ll love the UV sanitizer that kills up to 99 percent of bacteria and viruses...MORE on your brush head. It comes with a travel charger, two hygienic travel caps and a deluxe travel case. And after a 24-hour charge, you’ll get about three weeks of use.

    In terms of performance and overall cleaning, the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum gets high marks from users. Many said they like how their teeth feel and look after using it. One said they liked the different brush heads you can use based on your preference and the fact that there are different vibration settings. Another said they saw a difference in their deep pockets after using this brush. Those who left critical reviews had issues with it breaking over time or didn’t like the vibration feeling of the brush. But most who purchased it said they were happy with the product.

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    An electric toothbrush is great for kids since it’ll help teach them good brushing habits. Plus, it’s much more fun to use an electric toothbrush than a manual one. This one from Philips features a timer that helps ensure they brush for the recommended two minutes. There’s also a KidPacer feature that alerts the user to move to a new quadrant of the mouth so that every part is thoroughly cleaned. And for the tech-savvy kid, it comes with a free interactive app that educates kids about brushing...MORE and gets them excited to brush thanks to rewards given for successful sessions.

    Parents love this toothbrush for their kids, pointing out that it gets them excited about brushing—especially thanks to the associated app. One said it’s easy to use and another said that it’s so fun, her son actually reminds her when it’s time to brush his teeth. One adult even admitted that they use the kids version too. In terms of critical reviews, some pointed out issues with the head being too big for their child’s mouth, but most were happy with the product overall.

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    Looking for a pretty electric toothbrush? We love this sleek black one from Oral-B. Not only is it a nice design, but it is also a great product. It has superior 3D cleaning that has been clinically proven to remove up to 300 percent more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual toothbrush. There’s an in-handle timer that pulses every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch areas in the mouth, and it also has cross action bristles that are perfectly angled for a precise clean.

    Most of...MORE those who use this toothbrush seem to love it. One said they saw significant improvement after just one week. Another said it’s a great toothbrush for the price. In terms of critical reviews, a few have had issues with the battery life and charger wearing out over time. But the majority of those who have purchased said they were happy with the product.

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    If you’re the type of person to always have the latest technology in your home, this toothbrush from Oral-B is probably for you. It features Bluetooth functionality that allows your brush to communicate with your smartphone for real-time feedback on your brushing habits. The round brush has MicroPulse bristles that help you get a better clean, and the 3D cleaning action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to get rid of plaque. If you’re brushing too hard, the pressure sensor lights will alert you....MORE And there are five modes you can choose from: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, and Deep Clean.

    Those who purchased it seemed mostly happy with the product. One customer said it definitely helped keep track of and improve his brushing habits. Another called it the best toothbrush they ever had. Some people did have critical reviews of the toothbrush. One said it’s really loud and another pointed out that when it’s on the charger, the blue light is really bright. But the majority of customers would recommend it to others.

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