Electrical Problems & Repairs

Electrical problems from blown fuses to unreliable outlets can be frustrating. Learn how to repair common electrical problems and issues safely.
How to Fix a Doorbell
Baseboard Heater
How to Choose an Electric Baseboard Heater
Person using a wireless doorbell
How to Install a Wireless Doorbell
Thermostat on wall
5 Reasons Your Thermostat Isn’t Working
Doorbell on House
How to Install a Doorbell
Ceiling Fan
How to Wire a Ceiling Fan
Track lighting installed to ceiling with white pendants
How to Install Track Lighting
Buzzing dimmer switch being pressed
How to Fix a Buzzing Dimmer Switch
Ceiling fan with fixed chain to turn on and off
How to Fix or Replace the Ceiling Fan Chain Quickly
ceiling fan
How to Fix a Noisy Ceiling Fan
Fix Wall-Mounted Electric Heater
How to Repair an Electric Wall Heater
Neon circuit tester testing electrical outlet for grounding
How to Test Electrical Outlets for Grounding
Extension cord plug being replaced
How to Replace an Extension Cord Plug
Circuit breaker switch being pressed in home service panel
How to Reset a Circuit Breaker
person removing a light fixture dish
Troubleshooting Common Problems With Light Fixtures
Circuit breaker panel
How to Turn Off Power at the Electrical Service Panel
person unscrewing a light bulb in a fixture
How to Fix a Flickering Light Bulb
Yellow voltage tester inserted into wall outlet
How to Fix an Electrical Outlet by Yourself
person screwing in a light bulb
9 Reasons Why Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Quickly
Black light fixture getting light bulb replaced by hand
How to Replace a Bulb Socket in a Light Fixture
Electrical box adding an extender behind a light switch
How to Use an Electrical Box Extender
Recessed lights' spring clips being fixed with yellow staple gun
How to Fix Recessed Light Clips That Won't Hold Up
Running sink faucet with jammed garbage disposal unit
How to Fix a Jammed Sink Disposal With an Allen Wrench
Fan rotating in a room
Which Direction Should a Ceiling Fan Rotate?
Christmas tree branches with lights and ornaments closeup
How to Fix Christmas Lights
Outlet plug
8 Common Problems With Outlet Receptacles
woman examining a breaker box
What Happens When a Fuse Blows
Placing outlet box into wall
How to Install an Electrical Box in an Existing Wall
strand of string lights
How to Avoid Overloaded Circuits With Christmas Lights
voltage tester
How to Test Outlets For Power and Voltage
PVC Conduit and Fittings
How to Join PVC Electrical Conduit Using PVC Solvent Glue
Broken light bulb
5 Reasons Why Light Bulbs Repeatedly Fail
Utility worker figurines installing a light bulb
How to Troubleshoot Regular and 3-Way Light Bulbs
Man about to plug in
The Dangers of Broken Electrical Outlets
How to Troubleshoot an Electrical Wall Switch
Person using a voltage tester on an outlet
Ways to Prevent Electrical Shock
Senior woman sitting in bed, using telephone
How to Troubleshoot Your Telephone Wiring
Electric oven, focusing on the heating element
Why Do Ovens and Electrical Elements Smoke?
Person fixing a well water pump
How to Repair or Replace a Well Pump Pressure Switch
Water Well Pumps
How to Repair a Broken Well Pump
Close Up Man Hands Soldering Audio Cable with XLR Connector
How To Solder Wires
closeup of cork flooring
About Cork Flooring
Electrical equipment used by an electrician
5 Reasons to Hire an Electrician
Close up of category 6 network ethernet cable bundle
Essential Tips for Safe Electrical Repairs
Thermostat program being adjusted by hand
How to Program a Programmable Thermostat
An electrical outlet receptacle
How to Straighten Crooked Outlets
An upright freezer
The Right Places to Install a Freezer
Electrical ground wires
Residential Electrical Service Grounding Requirements

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