Electrical Wiring, Circuitry, and Safety

Wires and circuits are the base of your electrical system. Learn about different types of wiring, cords, switches, and outlets and more circuitry basics.
Electrical wire being run through wood beam in wall for nearby electrical box
How to Run Electrical Wire Through Finished Walls
3 and 4 prong dyer cords
Learn the Difference Between 3- and 4-Slot Dryer Outlets
GFCI outlet testes with a green voltage tester by hand closeup
Learn How to Test Your GFCI Outlets to Prevent Shocks
Young girl using light switch
How High Should My Electrical Wall Switches Be?
3 and 4 prong dryer cords on top of a dryer
Converting a 4-Prong Dryer Cord to Fit a 3-Slot Outlet
Electrical wires
All About Electrical Wiring Types, Sizes & Installation
Electircal conduit
Fill Capacity for EMT and PVC Electrical Conduits
Wires in electric box
How to Terminate Electrical Wire With Wire Caps
main power source in a home
How Much Electricity Do I Need for My Home?
Middle-of-Run electrical outlet being screwed into wall
Two Ways to Wire an Outlet in the Middle of a Circuit Run
Electrical coil pulled through conduit tube
This Is How to Easily Pull Wire Through Conduit
Electrical wires running through a finished wall's wooden plank hole
How to Run Cable in an Existing Wall
Yellow circuit tester inserted into standard 120-volt outlet receptacle
Replacing an Outlet Receptacle
three way switch
How Three-Way Wall Switches Work
unattached wires
How to Choose the Right-Sized Electrical Wire
single pole, double pole, three way, four way light switches
How to Choose a Type of Wall Switch
ide by side comparison of a GFCI receptacle and circuit breaker
GFCI Receptacle vs GFCI Circuit Breaker
Short circuit electrical outlet with burn marks pulled from box
What Is a Short Circuit, and What Causes One?
remodeled kitchen and appliances
Learn the Electrical Code Requirements for Kitchen Circuits
person switching a main breaker
What Is a Main Circuit Breaker and How Does It Work?
Electrician Working on Electrical Service Panel
Understanding Electrical Grounding and How It Works
luxury bathroom Interior
What Are the National Electrical Codes for Bathrooms?
Upside-down outlet being replaced with screwdriver
How to Fix an Upside-Down Outlet
Electrical outlet being rewired with screwdreiver
Pro Tips for Wiring Electrical Outlets and Switches
Open Electrical Box
How to Splice Electrical Wires
Various electrical wires
Different Types of Household Electrical Wire
Circuit breaker being removed by hand
How to Remove a Circuit Breaker Safely, No Electrician Required
Single-pole light switch being replaced from wall outlet box
How to Replace a Light Switch
Installed subpanel with front cover removed
Why You Need A Subpanel In Your Home
Modern fitted kitchen
Learn How to Wire a Receptacle for an Electric Range
Telephone jack's exposed wires held by hand
How to Wire a Telephone Jack
overloaded power strip
Why Circuit Breakers Trip and Fuses Blow
2 prong outlet with GFCI wiring touched by hand
How to Upgrade a 2 Prong Outlet With a New GFCI
orienting the new switch
Replacing a Toggle Light Switch With a Rocker Switch
Service panel door open with 240-volt circuit breaker switched on
Installing a 240-Volt Circuit Breaker
Electrical wire for underground circuit cable on wooden surface closeup
Proper Wire Size for Underground Circuit Cable
Newly installed light switch being tested by hand
How to Test a Light Switch When Replacing It
Electrical wire colors
Learn the Electrical Wiring Color Coding System
View Of Fairy Lights On Ground Indoors
Series vs Parallel Circuits: What's the Difference?
Outlet receptacle being installed inside blue box
How to Install an Electrical Outlet Receptacle
Electrical outlet
Electrical Code Requirements for Outlets in the Home
Electrical Fuses Circuit Board
Ground Fault vs Short Circuit: What's the Difference?
Single pole switch turned on by hand
Replacing a Standard Single-Pole Wall Switch
outdoor outlet
NEC Requirements for Outdoor Wiring
Finger pointing to tripped circuit breaker in service panel
How to Reset a Tripped Breaker
Pigtail electrical wiring being connected behind light switch
How to Make Pigtail Electrical Wire Connections
Electrical circuit breaker panel with door open and yellow and orange wires connected behind
How an Electrical Circuit Breaker Panel Is Wired
Circuit breaker in service panel being replaced
How to Safely Remove and Install a Circuit Breaker
wire nuts
Choosing the Right Wire Nuts for Electrical Connections
Yellow circuit breaker finder inserted into wall outlet
Sort Out Your Home's Circuits With a Circuit Breaker Finder
Modern kitchen with canopy
Diagnosing and Replacing a Bad Ballast on a Fluorescent Light Fixture
multimeter and electrical plan
How to Test for a Complete Circuit in a Light Bulb Holder
Electrical Switch Testing
Why You Should Know the Electrical Codes for Boxes and Cables
BX Electrical Wiring
BX Cable and Wire: What to Know Before You Buy
A Jenga tower
Understanding the Basics of Balancing Electrical Loads
An electrical disconnect being pulled by a hand
Learn How to Wire Electrical Disconnect Switches
non metallic sheathing cable
Get to Know Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable
Electrical wire conduit
Electrical Conduit 101: Basics, Boxes, and Grounding
Single-pole dimmer light switch installed with cover plate
How to Install a Single-Pole Dimmer Light Switch
Loose electrical wires
Check for Incorrect Electrical Wiring