The 15 Best Electronic Games and Gadgets for Kids

Electronic games and electronic gadgets are gaining precedence over conventional and traditional games and toys like trains, cars and dolls. Most kids nowadays prefer electronic games, or toys with some type of electronic function. Peer pressure is also a major factor in the popularity of these electronic games and gadgets. Here are some of the best electronic games and electronic gadgets for your child.

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    Family playing WiiU

    The Nintendo WiiU is the latest in a long history of gaming consoles from Nintendo. The gamepad controller is unique, allow children to play video games on the controller while others might be watching movies on the television. With an internet connection, the WiiU allows children and their friends and families to play certain games together online. The software Here are some of the best WiiU games for children and families.

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    Furreal Pets Lily My Magical Unicorn

    The FurReal Friends pets from Hasbro are interactive pets that respond to a child's touch. Starlily My Magical Unicorn has a horn that changes colors based upon her mood, flapping wings, blinking eyelashes and a magical berry she likes to eat when she is hungry.

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    Star Wars BB-8 droid by Sphero

    The Sphero BB8 is an app-controlled droid that is one of the most popular Star Wars toys. BB8 can react to a child's voice, but who also has a mind of it's own with a unique personality.

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    Anki OverDrive

     Anki OverDrive are super-fast cars that race on magnetic tracks. Expansion tracks can be purchased. Players will need an iOS or android mobile device in order to race their vehicles.

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    Nintendo 3DS XL

    The Nintendo 3DS XL is a portable gaming system for kids and adults. There are a variety of Nintendo 3DS games that appeal to players of all ages and abilities. 

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    Meccanoid g15

    The Meccano Meccanoid is a fully interactive robot that children build on their own. Not only it is a great electronic toy, but it is a great experience for children who enjoy science, technology and construction toys.

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    VTech InnoTV Video Game System for Preschoolers
    VTech / Amazon

     The VTech InnoTv is a video game system for preschool aged children that uses the popular VTech InnoTab cartridges that were designed for VTech's tablet for kids, the InnoTab

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    K'Nex Beasts Alive

    For the child who enjoys construction toy play, once they build their new Brontosaurus dinosaur, using the included motor, the dinosaur will now move and come alive! 

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    Roominate rPower

    There is a big trend involving STEM toys for girls, or toys that help encourage girls towards a career in science, technology, engineering and math. With Roominate kids can build their own creations then use an app to control the lights and motors from their iPad or iPhone.

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    Zoomer Kitty
    Spinmaster / Amazon

    Zoomer Kitty has sensors in her eyes and on her body that allow kids to interact with her, as she nuzzles, cuddles, plays, and performs secret tricks with her own personality.

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    Tiggly Words

    Are your children learning about colors, simple math, or building words? Tiggly toys can be placed on the iPad, where they are recognized within the app, encouraging children to play educational games and activities.

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    disney playmation

    Do your kids love the Marvel Avenger's characters? With Playmation, kids can receive interactive missions from their smartphone, which they complete along with their favorite super heroes, wearing a cool technology repulser.

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    LeapTV is a video game console for preschool aged children that allows kids to use either their body movements or the remote control to play educational games featuring their favorite animated characters from television and movies while they explore concepts around mathematics, science, and reading. 

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    Star Wars Millennium Falcon Toys

    Star Wars toys are very popular, and who hasn't ever wanted to fly their own Air Hogs Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad with a remote control?

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    Snap Pets

    Snap Pets are small cameras that children use to take selfies with that quickly appear on their smartphone device through a wireless bluetooth connection. 


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