Elegant Easter Brunch Menu

To Celebrate Spring

Apple glazed sausage and bacon
Nadine Greeff/Stocksy United

I think brunch is the ideal way to celebrate Easter. Brunch is served later in the day, usually just before noon, and can be a heartier meal than breakfast. Even the word 'brunch' evokes a celebration, letting you eat at leisure, enjoying the company of others. And this elegant Easter brunch menu is perfect. The combination of a delicious and special coffee cake, glazed sausages and bacon, a savory quiche, and two salads celebrates the freshness of spring.

You can make the coffeecake and salads ahead of time. And the pie must be made ahead so it has time to freeze, so this meal is easy on you too. Set the table with your prettiest dishes, crystal, and silverware, and put some fresh posies on the table for a centerpiece. Put some fresh and fun music on the stereo and open the windows for a breeze if it's a nice day.

You'll be able to eat with your guests and celebrate the holiday because these recipes are so easy to make. Enjoy this menu with your family and friends at Easter, or for any spring celebration.

Elegant Easter Brunch Menu

  • Swedish Tea Log
    This is my favorite coffeecake of all time. You'll love the tender texture, sweet nut filling, and rich browned butter frosting. I usually double (or triple!) this recipe so there's enough for the next day too. You'll never eat another coffeecake that's as good as this one!
  • Apple Glazed Sausage and Bacon
    Nothing improves bacon except something sweet. The glaze on the sausages and bacon has just the right sweetness and transform ordinary breakfast meats into something really special.
  • Melon Medley
    A simple and fresh fruit salad is the perfect addition to this elegant menu. Buy the melons a few days ahead of time so they are juicy and ripe for your party. Then make it a day ahead of time so the flavors have a chance to blend.
  • Lemon Truffle Pie
    Because this dessert is so rich it should be sliced into thin wedges. It's beautiful, velvety smooth, and creamy with a wonderful flavor. Serve it with some fresh raspberries for a pretty garnish.