Top 15 Elementary School Graduation Gifts

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The elementary school years will soon be a distant memory for your child. Honor them with a special treat to celebrate this milestone. Pick one or more of the best elementary school graduation gifts for kids on this list and celebrate your favorite grad.

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    Dinner Out

    Family dinner

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    Keep it simple but make it special. That's the idea behind dinner out with your graduate. Gather family and/or a few friends and take your graduate to her favorite restaurant. The time spent with those closest to your child is one of the best gifts you can give.

    For an extra present, surprise the graduate with a graduation cake at the end of the meal. If you prefer, set everything up ahead of time at home and surprise your kid with homemade graduation cupcakes.

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    Book Club Membership

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    Encourage a love of reading with a book club membership gift. Club rules vary but many will send a certain amount of age-appropriate books per month. As your graduate leaves elementary school, they'll be entering the teen years. A teen book club membership gives your reader age-appropriate reading materials. It's also a great inspiration for your child to start a book club or summer reading club of their own.

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    Gift Cards

    Amazon gift card

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    Gift cards may seem like an impersonal gift but you'll find your elementary school graduate will be delighted to receive this gift. If your child has a favorite place to shop, buy them a gift card from that particular store. Otherwise, retailers like Target and Walmart sell everything from music to clothes. Amazon gift cards are useful for those items plus digital downloads, games, books, and music.

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    Graduation Bobblehead

    A graduation bobblehead

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    A cute, kooky gift is a graduation bobblehead. There's a space for your graduate's picture so the bobblehead is actually your child. The bobblehead also doubles as a cake topper. It's a silly, inexpensive gift that can be given to each graduate in your child's class.

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    Graduation Cookies

    Graduation cookies


    Yum! From custom graduation fortune cookies to chocolate chip cookies in a graduation-themed box, your graduate deserves a sweet surprise. Look for cookie cutters shaped like graduation caps if you prefer to bake your own treats.

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    Personalized Note Cards

    Personalized note cards

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    Now's a great time to get kids in the habit of putting pen to paper with their own set of personalized note cards. They can use personalized note cards to write thank yous to other friends and families who've sent them gifts or teachers who made an impact throughout the school year. 

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    Graduation Music Box

    A graduation music box

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    Store your child's tassel, graduation photos, and other mementos in a special graduation music box. Look for a music box that can be personalized with your child's name and graduation year engraved on top. It's a gift that will instantly become a keepsake.

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    Balloon Bouquet

    Girl holding balloons

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    You did it! Great job! Way to go! Your elementary school graduate will be flying high when you give them a graduation balloon bouquet with these congratulatory messages on them.

    If your child's school allows deliveries, send a balloon bouquet on the last day of school or wait until graduation day and bring them to the ceremony.

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    Graduation Jewelry

    Graduation jewelry

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    Graduation jewelry is a sentimental gift.  Choose from something as simple as a pendant with a graduation year, a graduation bracelet, or a personalized piece with your child's name, school, and graduation year engraved on it. It's a special gift that can become a tradition as she leaves elementary school, graduates high school, and then college.

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    Graduation Album

    A graduation album

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    A fun gift for elementary school students is their very own graduation album. On graduation day, be sure to take lots of pictures of your child with their class. For a fun summer activity, spend some time together putting together the photo albums. This gift is equally easy for a group. Buy a few albums and print multiple copies of all the photos; the group can be together when they assemble their albums. 

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    Locker Gear

    Tiny chandelier for a child's locker

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    Your child may not have had a locker in elementary school. If getting a locker is a big deal for your soon-to-be middle school student, then this is a great gift. Load their locker with cool gear, such as a locker organizer, mirror, or even a locker chandelier.

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    A Laptop for School

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    If your child's school doesn't assign laptops for take-home use, a laptop can be the perfect gift for an elementary school graduate. It'll be put to good use with upcoming homework and projects. 

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    A Smartphone

    A child holding up a smartphone

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    If you've been holding off buying your child their own smartphone, this may be the time. It's a tough decision for many parents. With your soon-to-be middle schooler out of the house more now, it can be comforting to know they've got a way to get in touch with you instantly.

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    A Special Trip

    Children on a road trip

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    Celebrate your child's achievements with a special trip to mark the occasion. Hit the road to a nearby city for the day, a weekend, or kick off your family's summer vacation by taking your grad on a week-long escape.

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    Graduation Party

    Elementary school kids at a graduation party

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    Throw a graduation party for your child's class. You can pull off an inexpensive get-together that will give the grads one last time for them to all be together.