Elena of Avalor Dolls and Toys

Elena of Avalor Costume

So who is Elena of Avalor and why is she so special? Are the kids begging and dreaming about Elena of Avalor dolls and toys?

Elena of Avalor joins a long list of famous Disney Princesses. 

Elena saved her kingdom, and her family, from a magical sorceress. However, a magical amulet, pulled her inside the jewel, where she was trapped. Decades later, Sofia the First, another Disney televisio princess loved by preschool aged children, learned the history of her amulet, and became dedicated to finding...MORE a way to releasing Elena of Avalor. 

Elena of Avalor, is the first Latina Disney Princess and a 16-year-old teenager. Families do not need to go to the movie theater to meet Elena, she made her magical debut on the Disney Channel after escaping from a magical amulet, during an animated television episode of Sofia the First. Many of these episodes can be watched through on-demand television.

Elena of Avalor, even though she debuted through Sofia the First, is now featured in her own animated television series on the Disney Channel.  There is also a full length television movie called Elena and the Secret of Avalor. 

In the episodes of Elena of Avalor, in order to become queen, just like other Princesses, Elena must first learn how to rule her kingdom.  Elena's family members in the show include Elena's grandparents, her cousin Chancellor Duke Esteban, and sister Isabel. Elena has a best friend Naomi and an aspiring wizard, Mateo. Just like almost every Disney show and movie, there are magical animals, too. Elena will rely on Skylar, a magical flying creature for help.

Elena of Avalor toys can be found at all major toy retailers, as well as on Amazon.com.