Eleventh Hour Christmas Gifts

9 Last Minute Gifts for College Kids & 20-Somethings

Eleventh hour? Don't panic. This may be the final countdown to the holidays, but these last-minute Christmas gifts for college kids and 20-somethings can be ordered last-minute for on time delivery. The beauty of online shopping is especially helpful during the crazy-busy holidays when every minute can be crammed with a million errands, tasks and gifts to wrap. So start your search for gifts with this list of items, many of which are available for same-day or overnight shipping.

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    Super soft and warm blanket

    woman wrapped in blanket

    Help your college kid or 20-something turn his dorm room or apartment into a cozy nest with a warm, cuddle-worthy blanket that will make studying, watching TV or taking a nap more comfy. Who doesn't love curling up under a blanket on a cold day? Make it even cozier with some fun, fuzzy socks for their chilly tootsies.

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    Vintage Apron for the Cook

    woman cooking

    Young adults are more careful about what they eat than many of their parents. Cooking is a great creative outlet and encouraging it is a great idea for parents and friends alike To keep from ruining their clothes, every cook needs an apron. This vintage inspired apron is sure to be a hit with any young foodie, no matter what she likes to make in the kitchen.  If the cook you're shopping for is a guy, check out this classic chef's apron, which young women would also like. Either way, this...MORE gift is sure to be a hit.

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    Uber cool Bansky coasters

    Banksy artwork

    Banksy is one of the hottest artists around, and these coasters featuring some of his most famous pieces are a great way to add some artwork to a young adult's apartment or dorm room. No need for rings on the furniture anymore with this gift. Add a bottle of wine and it's an even better gift for those over 21 young adults. Under 21? How about a few bottles of sparkling cider to ring in the new year?

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    Give a coupon in a creative way

    theater tickets

    Experiential gifts - concert tickets, ski trips or shopping dates with Mom - are some of the most delightful for both giver and recipient. It's the bestowing of the gift that's the problem. Check out this list of unique and fun ways to give a gift that doesn't present as well as you might like it to. 

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    Gift cards - a perennial favorite

    gift cards

     Ask any college student or young adult starting out what he or she wants for Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday and they will most likely answer "money." It's ok to write a check, but a gift card is a good way to encourage them to either buy things they need (grocery stores, drug stores, Target) or things they may want but can't afford (department stores and online shops). They will be so grateful and your shopping list will be easier to manage.

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    Calming, Soothing and Delicious

    woman and teacup

    Young adults love their coffee - who doesn't? But there's something so relaxing about a good cup of tea. This tea sampler will give your millennial recipient the chance to try out a few different flavors. Add a mug or two and you're all set.

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    Jolly Gift for Dog Owners

    dog wearing christmas costume

    If the young adult you are shopping for is a dog owner, he or she will love a little bit of Christmas cheer for his or her pooch. Check out this adorable Santa Claus costume. The dog may not love it, but the owner will!

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    Celebrate Hanukkah with a Hanukkiah

    menorah or hanukkiah

    More commonly referred to as a menorah, a hanukkiah is a lovely and meaningful gift for any Jewish young adult. Add a box of candles to make the holidays bright. 

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    A Set of Christmas Ornaments

    christmas ornaments

    Whether it's a plastic table-top tree in a dorm room or a full-fledged fir in a first apartment, that Christmas tree needs decorating. A set of ornaments is just what your first-time decker-of-halls needs. Start their collection with these festive balls to hand on the tree.


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