4 Things to Do to Eliminate Stress When Moving House

A woman, stressed out, surrounded by boxes

 Peter Dressel/Getty Images

If you're moving house, you're probably feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and extremely stressed. Moving is difficult—not just because your to-do list is long and endless, but also because it's a huge change—moving to a new home is both physically and emotionally draining. To help, check out these four easy tips to help you not be stressed so you can try actually to enjoy this upcoming change.

Be organized

This sounds like common sense, but when it comes to moving, most of us find we run out of time for proper planning and organization. After all, moving is like managing a huge project on top of all that you do on a regular basis. With that in mind, the more organized you are, the more likely that your move will go smooth. And a smooth move is a happy move, and a happy move means that everyone around you will be happy, too. Use this task and schedule guide to plan your move.

Start early

If possible, try to plan your move weeks in advance. Three months is preferred and will give you lots of time to figure out any issues, hire a moving company and to start gathering packing supplies. A move can also be made, with little stress, in eight weeks, but any less, you'll find yourself more anxious, and you'll need lots of time to get everything done. If you're making a last minute move, such as a month or less, is possible, but make sure you have time off from work and your regular every day duties to finish all your moving tasks before the movers arrive.

Think through "what if" scenarios

Try to think about all the things that could go wrong then do some creative problem-solving. For instance, what happens if the movers that you've booked don't show up? Do you have a backup mover in place? What if the truck you rented isn't in the lot when you go to pick it up? Things may go wrong, and more often they will, but to avoid the stress make sure you keep a list of back-up movers, other rental agencies, friends you can call if you need more help, or a list of professionals you can hire—anything that will provide you with options and peace of mind.

Take time out

With so much to do, the last thing you're thinking of doing is to take some much-needed time out. But this is exactly why you should catch a breath and do something fun and relaxing. Even just a half hour here and there will go a long way towards ensuring you don't feel overwhelmed. So in between all the sorting and packing, put your feet up, read a book, go out for lunch with a friend, have a relaxing dinner or even a quiet cup of coffee—anything that will give you a chance to have a moment or two of downtime. 

Enjoy the moment

It may not seem possible, but try to think of your move as an opportunity for change. Whether that change is coming in the form of a new town, a new job, or getting away from a bad experience, moving can always be thought of as something that's bringing about a change in your life. If you can, savor this rare experience and think about all the positive things that are coming your way because you're taking a chance, you're creating a new opportunity, and you're stepping away from the familiar. And if that doesn't work, try to think about it not as a long, arduous process, but rather one day that could, and probably will, change your life.