ELP PanStand Washer Pan Product Review


There are some certainties in life. One is that the clothes washers in our homes use water. Another is, where there is water there can be leaks. If you have ever had a leaky washer, then you have probably learned the value of a washer pan.

A washer pan offers leak protection for your floors and the rest of your laundry area by catching water that escapes the washer. They are particularly important for laundry rooms installed on the second story of a home and apartment and condo complexes where leaks can damage lower levels.

Most are shallow plastic pans with raised sides to catch and hold leaks. Some are solid and the water must be suctioned or dipped out; while others have a drain line that ties into the washer's drainage line. One issue with this type of pan is that the washer sits down in the pan making it difficult to access drainage traps on front-loading washers. 

An alternative is the ELP PanStand Washer Pan.

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ELP PanStand Washer Pan

The ELP PanStand is designed for the washer to sit on top of the washer pan water reservoir, not down in the collected water. The PanStand is molded from recycled polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer and is non-conductive, non-staining and high impact. The product can be used under any brand 24-inch wide washer or dryer and is strong enough to be used when the the appliances are stacked.

The washer sits on top of the five-inch-high pedestal that features a 1/8-inch lip preventing the appliance from shifting or walking during use.

An added bonus is that the pedestal provides sound absorption and reduces vibration noise during machine operation. This is particularly helpful for front load washers with high final spin speeds which can cause excessive noise.

In the center of the PanStand is a 4.5-inch deep reservoir that will hold up to six gallons of liquid.

There is an access area on the back wall of the reservoir where a drain line can be installed. An optional sensor-activated pump kit with a six-foot-hose can be purchased to install into your existing washer discharge pipe. The pump activates when the water begins to rise and automatically drains the PanStand for the best level of water damage protection.

The pan features an easy-to-clean, no-scuff textured finish. It measures 24.5 inches long by 25.5 inches wide and 5.25 inches high and weighs 19 pounds. The ELP PanStand is manufactured in the United States.

Installation Of ELP PanStand

Installation is quite simple for washers and even stacked washers and dryers thanks to its design that allows flotation of the PanStand by using a shop vacuum. Simply set the rear legs of the appliance on the front edge of the stand and slide the washer back until the front legs are in place on the PanStand. Then center and align the washer. 

The PanStand will float because there is a flexible vinyl bottom. Remove the plug from the front of the PanStand and connect the shop-vac hose through the plug. Set the shop-vac to blower. Once the shop-vac is blowing air into the PanStand you can easily glide it into place thanks to the cushion of air.


Check the appliance to make sure it is level and adjust the leveling legs if necessary. If the laundry area floor is abnormally unlevel, the PanStand can be permanently installed using four screws to prevent movement.

About Laundry Product Review

The ELP PanStand can only be used with 24-inch laundry appliances. I have larger machines but like many who live in apartments or condo owners; my son has a stacked washer dryer that is just right. When I first took the PanStand to his condo, he was quite concerned about how we would install it because his "laundry room" is actually a very small utility closet that also houses a water heater.

But after reading the directions and watching a video on the company website, it was simple to do with just a small hand truck. Once the washer/dryer combo was in place on top of the PanStand, a shop vac helped us float the combo back into place.


The PanStand has been in place for several weeks and everything is rock solid with no movement of the appliances. He has noted a decrease in vibration noise.

Since the average 24-inch washer holds around three gallons of water at any point, the six gallon reservoir will take care of most leak situations.

If you have a side by side washer and dryer, I would suggest adding a PanStand to each appliance to keep the tops level for use as a work surface. I double checked the consequences of adding the PanStand and still meeting the Americans With Disabilities Act requirements. The additional five inches still keeps the washer and dryer within ADA requirements of a maximum high forward reach for controls and operating mechanisms of 48 inches and maximum low forward reach of 15 inches. Some may find the extra height easier to use when loading and removing laundry.

I have my doubts that my son moves his washer and dryer very often to thoroughly clean behind the machines. But if and when he does, the flotation feature will make it very simple.

My hope is that you'll never have a washer leak but if you do, an investment in an ELP PanStand may save you hundreds in water damage repairs.

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Watch the Pan Stand in action.