Embossing Powders for Rubber Stamping Projects

Embossing powders
Embossing powders. Kate Pullen

In this profile we look at embossing powders and how they are used in your rubber stamping projects.

Embossing powders are fine granules that when heated, melt together to form a raised and glossy surface. Once heated, the embossing powders permanently bond to the surface of paper and cardstock. The finished result is waterproof making it ideal for painting. Embossing powders are normally sold in small tubs or jars of a single color powder.

Embossing powders can be mixed together to create unique and customized colors and finishes.

Using Embossing Powders:

The technique of using embossing powders is known as Heat Embossing. An image is stamped onto a page using slow drying ink and the embossing powders are poured over the image. When the loose powders are gently poured back into the pot, some of the powders will stick to the image. This is then carefully heated until the embossing powders melt. This article How to Heat Emboss explains the technique in more detail.

Types of Embossing Powders:

There are many different types of embossing powder available. They are all used in the same way, the main difference between them is the color or finished result. Embossing powders can be found in a wide range of colors and shades from the palest pastel colors to deep and dark hues. Transparent embossing powders are a versatile option and can be used in many different ways.

Embossing powders have different types of finish. Some powders have a glittery finish, others a high shine and some even have a fragrance.

Buying Embossing Powder:

A little embossing powder goes a long way and a single tub will last over many different rubber stamping projects. The wide range of colors and finishes can be tempting, however picking a few versatile colors and finishes will ensure that the perfect embossing powders are available for every project.

Many different manufacturers make embossing powders and they are widely available. Every stamp store and many craft stores will sell a range of embossing powders. They are also widely available online.

Tips for Buying Embossing Powders:

Here are some useful tips:

  • Split a pot of embossing powder with a stamping friend. Each pot has plenty of powder and this is a useful way to extend your range of powders!
  • Don't get swayed by all the bright funky colors or novel finishes, basic embossing powders also have their place and are surprisingly useful.
  • Embossing powders are often sold in slightly different sized tubs or in different weights, therefore when comparing prices make sure that you are comparing like with like.

Projects Using Heat Embossing and Embossing Powders:

Here are some projects and techniques that use embossing powders: