11 Embroidery Projects to Stitch for Easter

Easter is a great time to stitch up something sweet for a basket of treats for kids or grandkids. It's also lots of fun to embroider eggs, happy bunnies or other sweet animals to decorate your home...or yourself! Below you'll find eleven projects and patterns to inspire your stitching. They are all fairly simple, but Easter is coming so you had better hop to it!

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    Lavender Lamb Sachet
    Lavender Lamb Sachet. Image courtesy of Amy Sinibaldi

    For a beautiful Easter project that you'll want to keep around all spring, check out Amy Sinibaldi's lamb & chick sachets. Project details aren't included, but it looks pretty basic. She links to her free embroidery patterns, and from there you can also get a bunny pattern and see how to sew some little embroidered bags!

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    Fancy Felt Egg
    Fancy Felt Egg. Image courtesy of Wendi Gratz

    Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World never fails to come up with adorable project ideas. This free felt egg features stunning embroidery and which comes together to make a stuffed egg. Kids would love to play with it, I'm sure, but it's so beautiful you'll probably want to keep it on display!

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    Embroidered Bunny Pendant
    Embroidered Bunny Pendant. Image courtesy of Beverly McCullough

    How would you like to wear some embroidery this Easter season? Bev from Flamingo Toes shows you how to convert a tiny embroidery hoop into a bunny necklace with minimal stitching and a whole lot of cute!

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    Easter Bunny Pincushion
    Easter Bunny Pincushion. Image courtesy of Red Brolly

    Stitch a sweet Easter bunny and make it into a simple pincushion with this free pattern and tutorial from Red Brolly. I especially love the rosy cheeks! And of course, you don't have to make this design into a pincushion. It would also be great in a hoop for wall art.

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    French Knot Bunny in a Hoop
    French Knot Bunny in a Hoop. Image courtesy of Sedef Imer

    In Australia, kids enjoy a treat known as fairy bread. It's bread covered with teeny sprinkles, and that was the inspiration for this embroidered bunny! Each dot is a french knot, and Sedef from Down Grapevine Lane shows you how to stitch this up with even sprinkle coverage!

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    Easter Egg Stitching Cards
    Easter Egg Stitching Cards. Image courtesy of Handmade Charlotte & Mollie Johanson

    You can help your kids practice embroidery with these happy Easter egg stitching cards. Visit Handmade Charlotte to download the printable PDF. And stitching these little egg ornaments isn't limited to just kids, you may find that you need a set for yourself too!

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    Bunny & Egg Embroidered Art
    Bunny & Egg Embroidered Art. Image courtesy of Sarah Jane Studios

    This sweet design from Sarah Jane Studios combines embroidery and applique, and is a collaboration between mother and daughter. Though it's shown here in a hoop, Sarah Jane made the finished work into a pillow.

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    Easter Bunny Embroidered Shoes
    Easter Bunny Embroidered Shoes. Image courtesy of Annie from Wattlebird

    These adorable shoes are the grown-up version of bunny slippers, and you can make them yourself! There's no pattern, but the design is simple enough that you can stitch it with ease. Find the tutorial at Wattlebird.

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    Easter Egg Set - In Progress. © Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com

    Right here on About.com you can grab these free Easter egg designs. Make them into ornaments, stitch them onto ready-to-stitch items or use them for nearly any embroidery project you can imagine!

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    Easter Egg Finger Puppets
    Easter Egg Finger Puppets. Image courtesy of Mollie Johanson

    Incorporating a bit of hand sewing, felt and embroidery, these egg-shaped finger puppets are perfect for adding to an Easter basket. Download the patterns and read the simple tutorial at my blog, Wild Olive. While you're there, check out some free tiny egg patterns and learn a new stitch.

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    Hanging Egg Kitchen Towel
    Hanging Egg Kitchen Towel. Image courtesy of Bird Brain Designs

    If you're looking for an easy way to bring some Easter to your kitchen, head to Bird Brain Designs for this free pattern. Then stitch it on a towel for quick and useful decor. While you're there, you can also grab another free design for a grouping of Easter eggs.