22 Emerald Engagement Rings (Best You'll See All Year)

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    Emerald Engagement Rings For Every Budget

    The finest emeralds in the world come from Columbia, followed by Zambia, Zimbabwe and Brazil. So when shopping for an emerald engagement ring, definitely inquire about the origin of your gem, as it can be a valuable indicator of quality. Other things to know: The connoisseur market will unearth plenty of rather large, super-sparkly and radiant emeralds; beyond that, you’ll find stones with beautiful color (a sort of bluish, street-sign green vs. a bottle green) but their sparkle may be obscured...MORE by feathery, cloudy inclusions, which your jeweler may refer to as jardin. So you’ll want to focus on finding an emerald with such a staggeringly gorgeous green hue that the jardin doesn’t matter to you as much.

    I’ve heard that emeralds chip easily, but technically they have a decent hardness rating (7.5-8 on the Mohs scale). I know a few brides who have emerald engagement rings—some simply love the color green, some like the symbolism (fertility, love, fidelity) and others were born in May (emerald is May’s birthstone). And I always like to remind wary brides-to-be that emerald was the engagement ring stone choice for both Jackie Kennedy and Wallis Simpson—that’s all the endorsement I’d need!

    I generally love the idea of an emerald engagement ring for a springtime proposal—there’s something about the stone that feels hopeful, happy and life-affirming. The only question is, white gold/platinum or yellow gold? Don’t answer till you click through the slideshow—22 emerald stunners, all budgets accounted for. Take a look! 

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    From Mark Broumand...

    Platinum and pavé diamond engagement ring with a 2.29-carat square emerald-cut emerald center stone set in a halo of round brilliant diamonds, $10,995, Mark Broumand

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    From Sylvie Collection...

    18k white gold antique-inspired engagement ring with a 1.45-carat, bezel-set round emerald center stone surrounded by 2.00 carats of diamonds, $8,280, Sylvie Collection

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    From Brooke Gregson...

    18k brushed yellow gold ring with three marquise-cut emeralds totaling 1.05 carats, $2,789, Brooke Gregson

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    From Omi Privé...

    Platinum ring with a 5.15-carat cushion-cut Colombian emerald center stone and 22 round brilliant diamonds totaling .90 carats, $90,000, Omi Privé

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    At Shreve, Crump & Low...

    Platinum and 18k gold ring with a 5-carat, square-cut center stone flanked by two brilliant-cut trapezoid diamonds totaling 1.30 carats, $78,000, Shreve, Crump & Low

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    From Carelle...

    Platinum and diamond ring with an 8.53-carat oval emerald center stone, price upon request, Carelle

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    From Just Jules...

    14k yellow gold ring featuring a 4.55-carat rose-cut emerald slice with pavé and rose-cut diamond accents totaling .35 carats, $5,000, Just Jules

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    From Jack Kelége...

    Platinum ring with a 2.80-carat emerald center stone and 2.18 carats of round diamonds, $49,000, Jack Kelége

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    From Reinstein Ross...

    20k peach gold Fine Braid Ring with an emerald-cut emerald center stone, price upon request, Reinstein Ross

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    From Le Vian...

    14k Strawberry Gold® Costa Smeralda engagement ring detailed with Vanilla Diamonds® and a centerpiece of clustered emeralds, $1,299, Le Vian

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    From Gregg Ruth...

    18k white gold ring with 5-carat emerald enter stone and 1.18 carats of round and baguette diamonds, $92,226, Gregg Ruth

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    From Jemma Wynne...

    18k yellow gold bespoke engagement ring featuring an emerald and a pear-shaped diamond, price upon request, Jemma Wynne 

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    From Supreme Jewelry...

    18k white gold band featuring 0.17 carats of emerald and 0.09 carats of round diamonds, $845, Supreme Jewelry

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    From Moira K Lime...

    Recycled 14k yellow gold engagement ring with a one-carat rose-cut emerald center stone and two mine-cut diamonds, $1,150, Moira K. Lime 

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    From Melanie Casey...

    14k yellow gold stacking ring with a bezel-set round emerald center stone, $274, Melanie Casey

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    From Nikos Koulis...

    Oui collection 18k white gold ring with a 1.30-carat emerald center stone and side diamonds framed in black enamel, about $3,741, Nikos Koulis

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    From Sylva & Cie...

    18k yellow gold ring with emerald center stone framed in diamonds, price upon request, Sylva & Cie, available at Mitchells 

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    From Nora Kogan...

    18k yellow gold Paris ring with an 8.5-carat emerald center stone from Zambia and pavé yellow diamond accents, $46,000, Nora Kogan

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    From Robert Procop...

    18k rose gold ring with a 4.29-carat marquise-cut emerald center stone and framed in 1.08-carats of diamonds, $89,600, Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels

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    From Royal Jewelry,..

     14k yellow gold with a 1.10-carat emerald and .30 carats of diamonds, $1,699, Royal Jewelry

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    From Takat...

    18k white gold ring with a 20.20-carat emerald center stone and 3.60 carats of diamonds, $598,878, Takat

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    From Carvin French...

    This platinum and 18k yellow gold ring features a 4.37-carat square emerald-cut center stone flanked by baguette diamonds, and recently sold at a Bonhams auction for $77,500.