Emerilware 4-in-1 Smoker

Emerilware 4-in-1 Smoker/Amazon

The Bottom Line

The Emerilware 4-in-1 Smoker is perfect for stove-top or oven smoking in a standard kitchen.


  • Use smoker on stove-top or in oven.
  • May be used as a conventional roaster
  • Roaster lid may be used as a grill pan.


  • The necessary cast iron construction makes it extremely heavy.
  • Requires a large storage space.
  • May potentially scratch glass stove-tops.


  • Cast iron construction seals in smoke, heat, and moisture.
  • Cast iron components are pre-seasoned.
  • Includes enameled drip tray with non-stick rack.
  • Lid has raised ribs and may be used as a traditional grill pan.
  • Smoker may be used as a traditional Dutch oven.
  • Use on stove-top, in oven, on the grill or over a campfire.
  • 4 flavors of wood chips are included: Alder, hickory, mesquite, and apple.
  • 16 full-color recipe cards with Emeril recipes are included.

Guide Review - Emerilware 4-in-1 Smoker

I've tried other indoor smokers but wasn't impressed. I tackled this product test with a ho-hum attitude but was pleasantly surprised. It actually performed well. No indoor smoker will work as well as an outdoor slow method, but for home cooks, it's a convenient and relatively fast alternative.

The smoker uses any variety of wood chips (four samples are included). These wood chips are not the large ones used with traditional outdoor grilling smokers, but more resemble rough sawdust.

The drip pan and its nestling grilling rack fit on top of the wood chips. The food is placed on the rack and the lid is positioned so it is cracked. Heat is applied until small wisps of smoke begin, then the lid is re-positioned to form an airtight seal, holding in the smoke and heat.

I tested three different original recipes (salmon, chicken breasts, and spareribs) using both stove-top and oven methods.

Each turned out moist and tender with a nice balance of smoky flavor.

The only drawback is the cast iron construction which makes it extremely heavy to lift. Yet it is the cast iron which makes it so effective. Use with care on a glass stove-top. If you push rather than lift it to move, you risk scratching the surface. Use thick oven gloves to lift it.

A nice bonus is the ribbed roaster lid which can be inverted to use as an oven or stove-top broiler pan. The smoker may also be used as a traditional Dutch oven without the use of the wood chips.

Order additional wood chips online