3 Empowering Self-Care Acts You Can Squeeze In When Short on Time

Sneak these self-care acts in during your work day

Keep a journal on you at all times!
Kohei Hara/Getty Images

With the little time, working moms have for themselves very rarely is it spent on self-care. Why? Because when you stop, you realize you're exhausted and then fall asleep. If this sounds like you there’s still hope for squeezing in self-care throughout your day. Here are five self-care acts you can incorporate in small pockets of time.

Practice Gratitude While Cleaning

When you are cleaning up the house it’s easy to get lost in thought.

You may worry about work, stress about the kids, or remember that bout of mommy guilt you felt that day. These types of thoughts aren’t good for your well-being. The good news is that you have control over your thoughts, especially when it’s just you and dishes!

To squeeze in some self-care while cleaning the house or doing yard work think about what you are grateful for. You can think about what you’re thankful for overall, like a roof over your head, a family, and your great job. Then you could get down to the nitty-gritty. Be thankful for the money to buy soap and have running water to clean the germs off so your family stays healthy. But don’t stop there! Then think about all the good things that happened to you at work or the challenges you faced and why you’re thankful for the lesson(s) it taught you.

When you think about what you’re grateful for you can’t help but feel happy. It can turn a negative attitude into a positive one.

Have you noticed that while you’re cleaning you tend to get frazzled or overwhelmed with the amount of cleaning you “should” do? If you practice gratitude while cleaning it helps manage the chaos. You won’t feel so compelled to clean everything in sight. Instead, you’ll feel satisfied with a 10-15 minute cleanup and then go relax with your spouse.

Meditate While You Wait

Think about how much time you spent waiting for things or people today. Did you spend that time feeling frustrated that you had to wait or did you hop on Facebook or check email? How did any of those acts replenish your personal energy level? Most likely, they didn’t.

The next time you’re waiting for the kids or standing in line meditate or practice some deep breathing exercises. If meditation is challenging for you download a guided meditation app, like Simply Being. Or when you take a bath put the app on speaker and listen.  If meditating isn't your thing try a deep breathing exercise. This is when you pay attention to yourself breathing in and out. You could close your eyes if you want. No matter how long you perform either of these self-care acts it’ll be beneficial.

Carry a Journal On You At All Times

Have you ever had this powerful thought, wanted to write it down, but then something interrupted your thought and then POOF the thought was gone? It’s frustrating and it happens more than you realize. Keeping track of your thoughts is a great self-care act and makes you more efficient. If you can’t journal every morning (because you woke up before everyone) then carrying your journal around will be more convenient.

As a working mom, you keep track of on your to-do list and sure, use your journal for this. But you can also keep track of the progress you're making on your personal and professional goals. When you have a plan with deadlines you feel more in control of your life.  Of course, you could write about challenges you’re facing, but if you feel this is too private then keep a separate journal at home for this purpose.

Last, but not least, you have a place to write down those awesome thoughts you get. Turn these thoughts into mantras you tell yourself when you’re down. A mantra is something like “I’ve got this.” or “It won’t be like this forever”. Next, turn your mantras into your online passwords. Then keep track of what online accounts uses which password in your journal! Now when you type in your password you’ll feel empowered!

Plus you won’t feel frustrated anymore about forgetting a password.

Now you have no excuses for slacking often on your self-care. These three recommendations are sure to boost your energy, make you feel empowered while taking care of your mind, body, and soul. When you're folding laundry tonight feel grateful that you found this article!