Enchanted Forest Party Ideas

Fairies and elves and magic, oh my!  elves and toadstools. This enchanted forest party theme combines role playing adventures with magical craft activities to delight your little fairies and elves -- who may never want to leave your forest filled with fun and fantasy.

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    Fairy girl.
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    Whether you choose to purchase party invitations or make your own, the use of a glitter pen is a nice touch to give the appearance of the party details being written in fairy dust. Suggestions for invitations that you can make yourself include:

    • Postcard photo invitations featuring the birthday child in a fairy or elf costume.
    • Cardstock paper cut into the shape of a leaf, tree or toadstool.
    • Coloring pages that feature enchanted forest creatures such as elves, fairies or woodland animals.
    • Flyer style...MORE invitations, printed with a Calligraphy-style font, and then rolled into scrolls.
    • Postcard photo invitations of your child in a fairy or elf costume.
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    Princess birthday party
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    Dressing up is half the fun at an enchanted forest party. If you want to go all out, you can supply fairy tutus and flower headbands for the girls, and elf hats and elf shoes for the boys. When you send the invites, ask the girls to come dressed in leggings and a pastel colored shirt, and ask the boys to come in green shirts. Of course you don’t have to supply entire ensembles, the elf hats and fairy headbands are more than enough, or kids may come dressed “as is” and still enjoy every aspect of...MORE the party.

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    Garden toadstool statues
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    If you are able to host this party in a backyard or garden, the surrounding greenery and natural elements provide a backdrop that may only need to be enhanced with a few extras. An inside party space, however, can certainly be transformed into a woodland setting when you decorate with items such as tree branches, floral accessories and artificial greenery (break out those green Christmas garlands!)

    Ideas for decorating both indoor and outdoor party spaces

    • String fairy lights around the party...MORE space.
    • Decorate a garden arch with twinkling lights and flowers. Place it where guests need to pass beneath to enter the enchanted forest.
    • Use a bubble machine to pump bubbles into the party area, or sprinkle guests with confetti (fairy dust) when they arrive.
    • Bring garden statues of toadstools,gnomes and woodland creatures into the party space.
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    Crafts and Games

    Fairy craft table.
    pixabay/public domain

    One idea for an enchanted forest party is to build the party around a magical quest, such as a scavenger hunt for mystical items. A magic potion quest, for instance, sends kids on a hunt for the ingredients they will use to make their very own bottle of potion.

    Another magical quest idea is to send them on a hunt for magic rocks. Once they have collected the rocks, kids may paint them and, once dry, place them in a small, drawstring pouch to take home as a party favor.

    A variety of colored beads...MORE purchased from a craft store may also be sought and used to create magic crystal bracelets or necklaces.

    Other games and activities for an enchanted forest party include:

    • Fairy dust bottle craft.
    • Magic wand craft.
    • Musical toadstools (tape large cutout shapes of toadstool to the seats of the chairs to play musical chairs).
    • Fairy freeze tag (like traditional freeze tag, but the person who is “it” tags players with a fairy wand.
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    Outdoor tea party
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    Those magical quests sure can build up an appetite! Enchant guests with these mystical menu items:

    • Magic Potion Beverages (make ice cubes from different colors of juice. Add them to a clear punch and watch the liquid magically change colors as the ice cubes melt.)
    • Fairy sandwiches (shaped with a butterfly cookie cutter)
    • Mushroom cap pizzas (if they cringe at the thought of mushrooms, use English muffins instead)
    • Elf shaped cookies
    • Toadstool cupcakes (overfill cupcake liners with cake batter so the...MORE tops “mushroom” when baking. Frost with red icing and decorate with mini white marshmallows.)
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    Blowing bubbles.
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    In addition to the items guests create during the party activities, ideas for enchanted forest party favors include:

    • Pixie sticks.
    • Fairy wings.
    • Woodland creature dolls.
    • Woodland creature coloring books.
    • Bubbles,
    • Fairy cupcakes,
    • Individual packages of elf shaped cookies.