Top 5 Home Accessory Trends

Some trends in home decor are like a flash in a pan--here today, gone tomorrow.  Some enjoy popularity for a finite time period--like the Color of the Year, for instance--because the latest, greatest hue is bound to shove last year's favorite aside.  Still other trends, however, stick around a lot longer and end up becoming the iconic accessories of a time period.  

This list of today's hot trends in home decor are, I predict, the ones with lasting power.  Adaptable to suit any type of...MORE decor or personal sense of style, these trends are popular for a reason.  In thirty years, we will likely associate geometric prints and colorfully painted furniture with the 20-teens, just as we link Andy Warhol prints with the '80s and painted ivy leaves and floral fabrics with the '90s.  

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    Mint Painted Nightstand. Making Home Base

    Take any kind of decor--contemporary, eclectic, coastal, industrial, you name it--and add in a splash of color by way of an accent piece of furniture and you've got instant eye candy.  Furniture pieces such as nightstands, ottomans, and side chairs complement your bigger, more critical, furnishings and can really bring a room together, especially when painted in a fun color.  Furthermore, as long as Pantone keeps announcing great colors of the year--like Radiant Orchid and Marsala--there...MORE will always be fun, fresh colors to use on rescued pieces of furniture.

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    Black and White with Neutrals. Wayfair

    This classic combination isn't likely to go out of style.  Black and white accessories add grounding elements to a space, not to mention a little bit of sophistication and even drama.  Whether you prefer the contemporary, high-contrast look of an all black and white room, or the romantic, French feel of black and white toile paired with vintage pieces, there's a way to embrace black and white for everyone.  Here are 8 ways to embrace black and white in your home.

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    Geometric Bedding. Pottery Barn

    Angular, faceted shapes such as triangles, prisms, and octagons are all over fabric prints and rugs, and even dominate art and light fixtures. Home accessories with geometric shapes are sophisticated for their clean lines, yet can have a playful feel as well.  In any case, this is a trend that isn't likely to go away soon.  While the hot pattern of the moment may change from prisms to honeycombs, there's a lot of life left in this trend.  Shapes, rather than florals, remain fresh.

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    Grand Chateau Mirror. Ballard Designs

    Designers love mirrors for their ability to reflect space and light, and there are a few secrets to using them for maximum impact.  Statement mirrors are getting more and more beautiful--as well as affordable--all the time. Not to mention, with all of the different styles available you're sure to find one that will "reflect" your personal style perfectly, making this trend worth a second look.  

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    Inexpensive Gallery Wall. 320 Sycamore

    The world around us can have a huge impact on home decor trends.  As strange as it is to think about stuff like the economy, for instance, in relation to the way we decorate our homes, there is a correlation. The cost of health care, fuel, and groceries continues to increase and shows no signs of stopping, making it almost everyone's first priority to save a buck where they can.  So whether you attempt to DIY some projects, shop at the dollar store for home accessories, or rescue items from...MORE a flea market or yard sale to fix up and call your own, these thrifty ways to feather our nests are not only popular, they're the only way for some.