18 Engagement Party Games Your Guests Will Love

Overhead view of engagement party bingo

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Engagement parties are meant to gather close friends and family around to celebrate the future bride and groom. There's no reason that these parties can't be just as fun for the guests as they are for you. Guests will love these engagement party games that encourage them to have fun and enjoy themselves.

There's no reason that an engagement party should be boring! These engagement party games will break the ice, add some friendly competition to the mix, and ask your guests to put their memories to the test. Most importantly, they'll make sure that everyone is smiling, laughing, and making memories.

You don't need to give away prizes for the winners of these games but if you'd like to, some fun ideas include gift cards, candy, chocolate, notebooks, lip balm, bottle openers, and tea leaves or coffee beans.

Engagement Party Game Ideas

Looking for some fun party games that work for any occasion? You'll want to check out these affordable party games for adults.

How Well Do You Know The Bride & Groom?

When guests arrive at the party, have them fill out this free printable from Something Turquoise to see which guest knows the bride and groom the best. There are 20 questions all about the bride and groom, with questions ranging from favorite TV shows to dream jobs. The winner is the guest who gets the most questions right. These have been printed out on colored cardstock and decorated with a strip of washi tape. This way if you have a color scheme already, you can try it out for the engagement party.

engagement party print out: how well do you know the bride and groom?
Something Turquoise

Famous Couples

This is a classic game of matching who belongs together. This free game from Flander's Family has guests match famous couples from history, art, and literature. There are 26 questions on this free printable that will only take a few seconds to print out. No worries if you don't know the answers, there's a key provided. How will do your guests know their famous couples?

How Many Kisses in the Jar?

Here's another engagement party game that's great to have guests play when they first arrive at the party. Fill a jar full of Hershey's Kisses and ask everyone to guess how many kisses are in the jar. You can make your own sign and guess cards or use one of these free printables in gold and black stripes or black lace burlap. The winner is the person who guests the closest to the correct number. You can choose a prize or simply give them the jar of chocolate kisses.

Photo Booth

Set up a faux photo booth in the corner of the room that has all kinds of fun props that guests can use to take photos of themselves. You can use these printable photo booth props from Something Turquoise and Botanical Paperworks to make it even more fun. Your guests are going to love this activity and will want to take endless photos. It's also a great way to remember the night!

photo booth print outs free
Something Turquoise

Lawn Games

Get the guests outside with some fun lawn games like ring toss and cornhole that can be customized for the future bride and groom.

Whose Memory?

Have each guest write down a memory about the bride or groom and anonymously place it in a jar or bowl. Have the happy couple read the memories aloud and try to match the guest with the memory.

Ring Hunt

Hide plastic wedding rings all over the party. The guest who finds the most rings is the winner.

Engagement Charades

Write down these wedding-themed songs, movies, and items on slips of paper for a fun game of charades that will have everyone laughing.

Find the Guest

When the guests are invited to the engagement party, ask them for an interesting and not widely known fact about themselves. Write all the facts on a bingo card, which guests will use to find out which guest belongs to which space. This is a great ice-breaker and fun way to start the party.

Picture Match

Here's a fun engagement party game all about the bride and groom-to-be. Get photos of the happy couple and cut them in half. Place each half in an envelope. Give all guests an envelope and have them find the other guest that has the matching half of the photo.

The (Almost) Newlywed Game

This works just like the TV show of the same name. Seat the couple back-to-back and take turns asking them newlywed questions. Will they have the same answer?

Two Truths and a Lie

This engagement party icebreaker has each guest telling two truths and one lie. Can the other guests guess which one is a lie? Here are some lie ideas if guests have trouble coming up with one.

Wedding Mad-Libs

Remember the game of Mad Libs from your childhood? Here's a spin on it that makes it perfect for an engagement party. You can write your own or print off a free wedding mad-libs that's all ready to go.

Race Down the Aisle

Break everyone into partners and use a wedding garter or scarf to bind their legs together for a fun three-legged race. Lay down a red carpet to make it more like an "aisle" that they have to run down.

Wedding Song Survey

Have your guests help you pick out that perfect first dance tune by asking your guests what songs they would like to hear at the wedding. The ones that you don't pick for special moments can still be played by your DJ or band during the dance.

Romantic Movies Quiz

How much do your guests know about romantic movies? Find out by using one of these free, printable romantic movie quotes quizzes. While you're at it, have guests suggest their favorite romantic movies. You might just find a new favorite flick.

How Old Were They?

Get pictures of the bride and groom-to-be at different ages as they were growing up. Make it a game where each guest guesses how old they were in the photo. This game is sure to bring up a long of lovely memories. Here's a free printable of the game to make it quick and easy.

Wedding Wishes

This is the guests' chance to share their wisdom on love and marriage with the couple. Have each guest write advice or well wishes on these printable advice cards. These will also make a wonderful keepsake for the bride and groom. Put them in a beautiful glass vase or bottle that they can display until they open it after the wedding.