The Engagement Rings That Rocked Fall 2016

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    From Goldhenn Jewelry...

    18k rose gold Kite ring with a .67-carat diamond center stone, $3,250, and 18k rose gold Take Flight ring with .4 carats of diamonds, $3,975, both Goldhenn Jewelry. Kim Richardson Photo for Goldhenn Jewelry

    New York City was a hotbed of engagement ring peeping this fall, from intimate press previews and dinners to more elaborate showcases held in glamorous hotel suites and terraces. There were also a couple of trade shows held on the far west side of Manhattan—well worth the trek, September rainstorms be damned. Which is all to say that we’ve logged a lot of hours trying on engagement rings and snapping pics of them (warning: sometimes we had a good mani going, sometimes we didn’t…).

    What follows is...MORE the best of the best of what we saw. We reviewed hundreds of engagement ring photos and edited them down to a careful mix of fresh, daring perspectives, jaw-dropping glamazons and refreshingly simple, streamlined examples of modern engagement ring perfection (see: Slide 10 – Margery Hirschey and Slide 23 – Tura Sugden).

    Highlights also include Misahara’s Crying Eyes ring, which gathers two pear-shaped Paraiba tourmalines and sapphire “droplets” in a setting of 18k oxidized white gold and diamonds. Many jewelry editors and influencers shared our enthusiasm for this unusual piece—it’s a fine example of designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp’s diverse inspiration points which include everything from the shimmering waters of the Adriatic sea to the sun-warmed sands of the Sahara desert.

    Speaking of tourmalines, we were excited to take in Claire Pettibone’s follow up to her inaugural engagement ring collection for the online jewelry boutique specializing in antique and vintage-inspired jewels, Trumpet & Horn. Our favorite is “Nightingale,” which stars a magnificent Cuprian tourmaline as its center stone (Cuprian tourmaline is similar to Paraiba tourmaline but hails from Mozambique instead of Brazil).

    We reported on the forthcoming launch of Karl Lagerfeld’s engagement ring collection last summer and are thrilled to announce that it’s now in stores, just in time for holiday proposals. It's all sharp angles, collar motifs and pyramid studs — the Kaiser's signatures— beautifully expressed in diamonds and polished metal. While the collection no doubt incorporates the veteran designer’s creative direction, there are three limited-edition engagement rings that evolved directly from a hand-drawn sketch by Mr. Lagerfeld himself. Called Les Coeurs Entrelacés, the engagement ring is distinguished by a stylized heart shaped frame done in sparkling pavé and a marquise diamond center stone—a true couture masterpiece.

    We’re also weaving in a number of designs we discovered from the indie designers who exhibited their collections at the Metal & Smith show. We love championing the new guard as a rule, and are excited to see more engagement ring-worthy pieces from the likes of Elizabeth Buenaventura and Gillian Steinhardt. And especially Goldhenn Jewelry, who made the rings picture above and thus, takes the art of stacking to a whole new level of chic.

    Click through to see our entire “Best of Fall” lineup!

    18k rose gold Kite ring with a .67-carat diamond center stone, $3,250, and 18k rose gold Take Flight ring with .4 carats of diamonds, $3,975, both Goldhenn Jewelry

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    From Claire Pettibone x Trumpet & Horn...

    Claire Pettibone x Trumpet & Horn

    Hand-engraved 18k rose gold Nightingale engagement ring with a 2.16-carat, pear-shaped Cuprian tourmaline center stone in a buttercup setting flanked by .12 carats' of round brilliant diamonds, $14,100, Claire Pettibone for Trumpet & Horn

    “I fell in love the moment I saw this Cuprian Tourmaline," says Claire. "The color is absolutely dreamy…like gazing into the purest ocean. It almost has a hypnotic quality, and brings a sense of tranquility, like an escape to paradise.”

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    From Lulu & Shay...

    Lulu & Shay

    18k white gold Seaweed Bud engagement ring with a one-carat diamond center stone, $1,100 (setting only), and 18k white gold and diamond Seaweed Bud wedding band, $1,250, both Lulu & Shay. Also available in 14k gold. 

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    From Karl Lagerfeld...

    Karl Lagerfeld

    Limited-edition platinum and diamond Les Coeurs Entrelacés engagement ring with a one-carat marquise diamond center stone, $10,000 (setting only), Karl Lagerfeld, available at select retailers nationwide 800-487-2724

    Only three of these exclusive designs are being produced – a true couture masterpiece!

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    From Fran Barker Design...

    Fran Barker Design

    9k white gold ring with a 2-carat. rose-colored, rose-cut pear-shaped diamond center stone set in 18k rose gold flanked by champagne diamonds, price on request, Fran Barker Design

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    From Chérut...


    18k rose gold and pavé diamond Deux Poires ring with matching 1.01-carat pear-shaped diamonds, price upon request, Chérut

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    From Elizabeth Buenaventura...

    Elizabeth Buenaventura...

    18k gold The Different Facets of Love ring clustering a white sapphire and a cabochon ruby with a .24-carat baguette diamond and a .10-carat round diamond, $5,990, Elizabeth Buenaventura

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    From Diana Mitchell...

    Diana Mitchell

    18k gold and pave diamond Oval Cathedral engagement ring with a .45-carat rose-cut diamond center stone, $5,000, Diana Mitchell 

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    From Jane Berg Collection...

    Jane Berg Collection

    14k white gold Teresa ring with a black rhodium finish, 1.65 carats of grey diamonds and .62 carats of of pink sapphires, $6,900, Jane Berg Collection

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    From Margery Hirschey...

    Margery Hirschey

    22k gold engagement ring with a 1.80-carat pear-shaped diamond, $11,000, Margery Hirschey or contact with inquiries

    "I love the color of 22k yellow gold," says Margery. "It's a soft metal but my pieces are hammered which 'work hardens' the gold. The process actually presses the molecules closer together and makes the metal harder."

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    From Gillian Steinhardt...

    Gillian Steinhardt

     14k white gold Grazie Ring No. 5 with a .43-carat, custom shield-cut black diamond center stone and .18 carats of pavé black diamonds, $2,200, Gillian Steinhardt Jewelry

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    From Amy Glaswand...

    Amy Glaswand

    18k yellow gold Lara Ring with a tanzanite trillion, sapphire baguettes and .11 carats of diamonds, $3,050, Amy Glaswand

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    From Misahara...


    18k oxidized white gold Crying Eyes ring with two pear-shaped Paraiba tourmalines totaling 6.39 carats, 1.5 carats of blue sapphires and 1.33 carats of white diamonds, $80,000, Misahara

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    From Van Craeynest...

    Van Craeynest

    18k yellow gold and platinum Airy Domed Top engagement rings with a .40-carat diamond center stone, $8,785, Van Craeynest, available at The Clay Pot

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    From Alexis Kletjian...

    Alexis Kletjian

    20k rose gold Knife Edge Unisex ring with a one-of-a-kind 3.42-carat zircon (from Top Notch Faceting) and .31 carats of brown diamonds, $12,000, Alexis Kletjian

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    From Kataoka...


    18k white gold Lotus Flower ring with .05 carats of diamonds, .02 carats of emeralds and .04 carats of sapphires, $1,980, available at Catbird

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    From Xiao Wang...

    Xiao Wang

     18k black gold Galaxy ring with natural color and diamonds, $19,850, Xiao Wang

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    From Xiao Wang...

    Xiao Wang

    18k yellow gold Galaxy Rare ring with salt-and-pepper gray diamonds, white diamonds, green opal, indicolite quartz and aquamarine, $7,506, Xiao Wang

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    From Sophie Ratner...

    Sophie Ratner

     14k gold Diamond Studded Zipper ring, $3,000 Sophie Ratner

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    From Ilana Ariel...

    Ilana Ariel

    14k gold Loved One ring with labradorite, opal, violet amethyst, emerald, diamond, opal, navy sapphire and emerald ((arranged so that the first letter of each stone spells out “Loved One”), $1,225, Ilana Ariel 

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    From Kimberlin Brown Jewelry...

    Kimberlin Brown Jewelry

    14k gold Coral Collection ring with a matrix opal cabochon and tsavorite garnet accents, $2,300, available at Love Adorned

    Note: A matrix opal is a type of boulder opal that’s mixed with its “parent rock” (ironstone or sandstone).

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    From Kimberlin Brown Jewelry...

    Kimberlin Brown Jewelry

    18k gold Branching Coral ring with a .42-carat marquise diamond and .34 carats of ruby, plus orange, pink and yellow sapphires, $3,700, available at Egan Day 

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    From Tura Sugden...

    Tura Sugden

    Recycled 18k gold engagement ring with a .885-carat rose-cut gray diamond center store, $3,000, Tura Sugden

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    From Variance Objects...

    Variance Objects

     14k gold ring with a 2.06-carat salt-and-pepper asymmetrical rose-cut diamond center stone, $6,200, Variance Objects

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    From Heather Guidero Jewelry...

    Heather Guidero Jewelry

    Oxidized sterling silver and 18k yellow gold Horizontal Stripe ring with a .25-carat rose-cut diamond center stone, $1,300, Heather Guidero

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    From Petra Class...

    Petra Class

     22k and 18k gold ring with a mix of raw and faceted white, grey, champagne and chocolate diamonds $5,200, Petra Class