Engagement Ring Trends For 2016

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    Trend-Spotting With Rogers & Hollands

    Engagement rings are a classic piece of jewelry by nature, so when we talk trends, we’re not exactly talking trends that mutate with the frequency of New York Fashion Week. Even so, any major jewelry retailer, manufacturer or designer can pinpoint shifts in popularity, whether it’s a sudden demand for certain metals, an emerging interest in certain diamond shapes or the resurgence of a ring style that’s been dormant for decades.

    This year, I decided to consult the team at Rogers & Hollands for...MORE some insight on what’s trending at the store level and online. Founded in 1910, it’s the largest family-owned and operated fine jewelry chain store in the U.S. With 78 locations across 10 states, and a robust e-commerce platform, as well, they were in a great position to fill me in (and provided lots of gorgeous ring pics to illustrate their intel). Familiarize yourself with these trends because you’ll be seeing a lot of them this year, no matter where you shop. Take a look! 

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    Halos - Still Where It's At

    The setting that gives you more bling for your buck will continue to dazzle brides who want their ring to look up to 3x larger. In 2016, you’ll see more than concentric circles—halo settings can frame any stone shape. 

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    Colored Center Stones

    Champagne, blue, or pink diamonds take a traditional engagement ring to the height of glamour and sophistication. Thanks to celeb brides like Eva Longoria, rubies, sapphires and emeralds will also be in demand among brides who love color or just want their ring to go against the grain in a classically elegant way.

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    Two-Stone Rings

    It's not that three-stone rings are out, but this popular look has evolved into an exciting new iteration, one that juxtaposes two diamonds in an eye-catching display of sparkling symmetry. Rogers & Hollands reports that two-stone rings owe their popularity to what they symbolize: You + me. Two hearts bonded for eternity. You get the idea.

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    Marquise Madness

    Brides who love a vintage look have plenty of options these days, and the glamorous marquise cut is making a comeback. Yet the shape, first popular in the 1920s (the actress Norma Shearer had one set in platinum), can feel very fresh and modern in the hands of a contemporary jeweler. 

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    Eco-Friendly Choices

    The diamond's origin/heritage continues to be a top concern among socially-conscious couples and those who are committed to reducing their footprint on the environment. Rogers & Hollands reports a keen interest in their Pure Grown Diamonds range, a fantastic option for couples who are committed to buying a certified, conflict-free, environmentally-friendly and sustainable engagement ring—and these are made from 100 percent recycled gold. 

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    Mixed Metals

    The best of both worlds. A flash of yellow or rose gold breaks up the icy glare of a white gold/diamond design, creating gorgeous contrast. (The eye loves contrast!) Plus, a hint of yellow or rose gold can even make your diamond look whiter and brighter.

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    Infinity Symbols

    Remember the "Infinity" symbol from Geometry class? Many couples are finding themselves drawn to it as a design motif. For obvious reasons, and you can go as literal or as subtle as you'd like.